6 Things you should know Before Buying a Smart Surveillance Camera

6 Things you should know Before Buying a Smart Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras are not a new invention, but by time from the Wired camera to the Wireless Wi-Fi camera, it developed a huge potential to restrict burglars or unwanted guest.

If you are looking to make sure your home as secure as it can be from burglaries, here’s a complete guide to understand what things you need to care before buying a smart surveillance camera as per your needs.

There is a wide range of cameras available in the market. However, it is easy to find the ideal home security system if you know the purpose of installing your new camera.

Here in this article, we will help you to identify the few things you need to consider before buying a surveillance camera.

So, let’s find out:

  • Image Quality

Most of the CCTV cameras with advanced technologies produce videos in 1080p full HD resolution. However, there are cameras still in the market that provides a resolution of 480p. Of course, higher the resolution better will be the quality; however, it also means you need a higher amount of storage to record a day’s video along with crisp crystal footages.

Nowadays, even a few surveillance cameras carry a resolution of 4K which produces four times clearer image than full HD resolution.

  • Waterproof

For an outdoor CCTV camera, waterproofing is a must because you need a 24x7 security in any extreme weather conditions. If you want to monitor any shop or any other outdoor space, then a waterproof surveillance camera is for you.

  • Range of the camera

The maximum range of a surveillance camera depends on a focal length of the lens and size of the image sensor. The higher range is preferred for outdoor CCTV cameras. On average, a CCTV camera should have an at least 20-25mtrs of range. The higher the range, the clearer will be the objects captured from the far distances.

  • Wired or Wireless?
  • Wired- Wired surveillance camera is commonly used in most of the places, still, it’s quite a popular option because of its lower price. These cameras are connected to DVR through a Coax Cable. Wired cameras maintenance cost is much lesser than the wireless camera because it's combined with wires; the problem often occurs in the cord, which is easy to detect.
  • Wireless- Modern cameras offer a wide range of the wireless camera, which is easy to install and are more flexible in terms of mobility and scalability. Always opt for a reputed wireless brand like Soliom, which offers a wide range of solar security cameras, these cameras are embedded with superior quality; each curve is precisely crafted with perfection. For using wireless cameras, one should have a high-quality router, reliable internet connection, and speed.


  • Where Are You Going to Use the Security Camera?

The first thing you should know where to install these cameras? Indoor or Outdoor. Both cameras are superior in their area, and their features are slightly different. Surveillance camera watch and record whatever is happening in the field of view.

  • Can it be used for Video chat 

Modern CCTV cameras are equipped with an inbuilt microphone that allows 2-way communication. This is useful for people who want to keep in touch with their kids at home and ensure their safety and security.

Note- All CCTV cameras do not offer this feature, ask before you buy.


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