Window Security Cameras: What to Look for Before Buying & Where to Install

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Placing security cameras above the main door, in different rooms or even at the back door is not uncommon. Still, the chances are that those unwanted people entered through any window. A window security camera is something not many people consider installing, but when your house has security systems for door, the best opportunity to enter without notice are the windows and you cannot take any risk.

What Features To Look For A Window Security Camera?

According to your requirement and affordability, you can choose the Soliom security camera, also known as the Soliom Bird S60, which can be an affordable and smart choice. Here are the features to look for –

Video Resolution

Although 1280x720 might seem decent for your surveillance, for best details and brighter footages, you need 1080P resolution, i.e., 1920x1080 pixels. You also need not less than 15fps trigger speed to capture even the slight motions.

Field of View

Wide field of view is always recommended so that your camera can cover almost the whole panoramic area ahead. The Soliom S60, for example, has 160-degree FOV angle for wide area coverage.

Night Vision

Unwanted people mostly break in during nighttime and an Infrared Starlit night mode is all you can ask for and if it can automatically switch into night mode, the better. Also, you need the range to be no less than 49 feet.  

Motion Sensors

From a cat jumping through the window to an adult person breaking in, you need the camera to capture every single motion and real-time motion detection is ensured by Radar and PIR sensors.

Storage Space

Apart from the external memory card support, you need cloud storage to save all the footages for checking in the future. The camera should support up to 64GB memory capacity.

Installation – Wireless or Not

The wireless window security cameras always are recommended over the wired cameras because even if the miscreant cuts off the main power, the camera will still be functioning –the easier the installation, the better for you.  

Power Supply

The best option to go for is solar power as it is eco-friendly and can save your electric bills. With solar energy, the Soliom S60’s 4000mAh battery runs throughout the day and night no matter the weather.

Weather Resistance

IP certified cameras are waterproof and can brave rain, storm, snowfall, thunder, and other natural calamities. Besides the temperature range should be around -20 to 600 Celsius with up to 85% humidity support.

Notification and Connectivity

You need Wi-Fi support to run the camera so that you are always connected with the camera through the app on your mobile or computer devices in real time. Whenever a motion is detected, the camera will send you video notification right away.  

Where to Place the Window Security Camera?

Judging by the focal length, you have to consider placing the camera inside or outside the window. If you want to alert the thieves or robbers before they enter through the window, place it outside above the frame, or you can also surprise them by hiding it amid plants, if any, around the window.

You can also tilt it and place in an angle above the window frame for capturing g footages of a particular area. If you want, you can also place it inside the window, in between the curtains and the frame so that the unwanted guests cannot attempt to break the camera.