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All You Need to Know About Night Luminous Stickers Made by Soliom

All You Need to Know About Night Luminous Stickers Made by Soliom

In recent times securing the safety for one’s family, home, business and assets are of paramount importance for most individuals across the world. Nobody can be ever-present to personally oversee safety measures at all times. In this regard, the shift towards the use of technology has been seen as a viable option. In such a scenario there has been an exponential surge in the demand for security surveillance camera systems. The demand for surveillance systems has also seen a great technological race in this field.

The scientific advancements in the field of surveillance camera systems have seen extensive developments. The security cameras are no longer just cameras but are far enhanced devices. The modern-day surveillance systems offer features such as night vision, thermal vision, high definition recording, motion detection, among others and most importantly allow receiving alerts to ones synchronized mobile devices while real-time live viewing is now a common feature.

In most cases, installation of a sound and comprehensive surveillance camera system will ensure the protection and safety of your personal and business properties. The presence of surveillance systems in most cases will also deter any perpetrators from acting on their intentions. But in all cases, the camera system will help you capture all or any conspicuous activity and further help provide evidence of any criminal activity for insurance purposes.

Almost every burglar, thief, or intruder will scout their intended target location before executing their plans into action. In such regard, it is wise to make use of surveillance or security signages which state that the property is under video surveillance. The security signs at its very root are an additional layer of protection for your property. In situations where one does not have a surveillance system installed it can help deter any unforeseen threats. Latest surveillance signages are available in the form of luminous stickers which are even visible during nights.

Soliom has made several important contributions to the field of surveillance systems such as the world’s first solar-powered video doorbell and the specific utilization of solar energy as a power source for their products. The information below will provide you with all the things you need to know regarding Night Luminous Stickers by Soliom.

  1. Design elements

The Soliom security signage’s are octagonal in shape with 80mm in height and width and are designed in vibrant blue color making it easy to view.  

  1. Installation

The Soliom night luminous signs are very easy to install and they do not leave any adhesive marks on your walls.

  1. 24 Hour Surveillance Stickers

The 24 Hour Surveillance Stickers by Soliom indicates a display warning showing that the property is under camera surveillance at all times.

  1. Weather Resistance

The audio and video surveillance signs are weatherproof and the longer they are under the sun, the brighter they shine.

  1. Multiple Use

The Soliom video and audio surveillance signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

  1. Package

Soliom provides four-night luminous decals in their package and is tested by manufacturers for weatherproof, dustproof, UV protection and water resistance before being shipping them for sale.

These are some few extra-ordinary features mentioned above about Night Luminous stickers made by Soliom you never heard before in details.

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