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Know is Dash Cam for a Car an Asset or a Liability

Know is Dash Cam for a Car an Asset or a Liability

Whenever one thinks of investing in a camera might be for home, office or car, one happens to keep aside a chunk of fortune aside. These gizmos do not easy on and cost a good hoard of wealth. Well, what could be more important than you and your family’s safety?

What is better than traveling hassle-free? The right way to look at a car dash cam is to see it as an asset, which is going to reap you long term benefits. dash camera for cars as a prized possession which is going to make compliance, therefore it subtracts all the non-compliance risks in the future.

The great attributes as possessed by this car dash cam are numerous that surely makes it an asset and we can see how?

An asset with unique attributes

Soliom G1 is an ultra-wide camera with 190° dual lens that can render a wider view beyond imagination. Aided with a new seamless joint technology and its incredible exposure limit, this product is all set to be popularly known as one of the best dash cameras of this year.

This is an asset because it makes the driving and judgment of the traffic much easier because of the access it gives to understand the trend at the location.

An asset with crystal clear recording

Recently this lovely accessory by has been much in the news where it captured a video on a road in Surrey where a massive collapse took place.  It was so huge and as a respite, the vehicle having Soliom dash cam installed in it captured the whole episode of a collision that helped the authorities to untangle the mystery behind very easily.

An asset that takes care of Insurance

Insurance assertion of a vehicle is not easy to claim, it is usually observed that the whole process is exhaustively prolonged sometimes in order to prove the accident’s authenticity. This problem can be resolved as the car dash camera will come to rescue. Thus, if an accident can claim the insurance easily because the footage can be recorded in the camera which can be produced if needed.

An asset- One man army

Even if you leave your car in the parking and even when the engine is the dash cam parking mode will be on that will constantly the movements around and about of your car. This way it promises you secure parking where it is being guarded well on your behalf.

Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in a car camera then Soliom G1 is the best dash cam for car. If you think that installing a car camera is not necessary these you need to pause and think again.  

If you think of this upgrade as a liability that digs a hole in your you need to break this misconception. Owning this dash cam is a useful, productive and fruitful investment you could ever make for your car.

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