Ready for a Smart Home? What Seems Luxury Today Maybe Necessity in the Coming Future

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Just 20 years ago, having a Microwave in your home was considered a luxury, as the time passed with new inventions we saw many luxurious products.

A Wi-Fi wireless doorbell is the next big thing, and the future proof technology, let’s take an example. As you know, solar technology is the future; consumers will make power with the help of solar. Nowadays, there are a limited number of solar security cameras available in the market with few reputed brands like Soliom, who is the manufacturer of advanced modern solar security cameras.

Here in this article, we will list a few luxurious products and technologies that are costly and effective, but in the coming future, this may be your necessity.

Hold your seat belts and lets’ find out:

  • Solar Security Wireless Camera

Solar security cameras or solar panel security cameras are automatically charged that doesn’t require any power source. These cameras are wireless and Waterproof certified with various IP ratings (IP 67&68), can be accessible in any extreme weather conditions. This camera can be installed in crucial areas whereas wired cameras can’t be fixed.

Utilizing Wireless camera solar power can get the best from natural resources, and an eco-friendly step helps to run the solar powered security cameras systems, without any hassle. Solar option is the primary step towards the greener eco –friendly environment.

  • Wi-Fi Solar Doorbell

We know how standard doorbell works, but do you know with advanced Wi-Fi video doorbells; you can manage your guest via, these smart, intelligent technologies. These bells are configured with smart lock integrations, and these doorbells can record the visitors' video in 1080p at 30 fps resolution.

 You will get a notification on your device via an app; once your doorbell detects any visitor. Always choose brands like Soliom who specialize in manufacturing solar security doorbells.

Wireless Charging

By seeing this headline, you probably guessing you know about it, but do you know limited options of wireless phone charging are available in the market.

They are pretty much costly, but you don’t want to waste your money on that technology. If you think this, then you might be wrong because the next generation is all about wireless. Even in the coming future, you can probably be capable of charging your laptop through wireless technology.

In the fast developing world, no one would like to be busy in solving wires.


  • AI Led lamps

The modern LED lights are smart, and they can even detect your mood, and as a result, the color light temperature will change automatically. Yes, that's true, these lights are equipped with Artificial Intelligence; therefore, it has a capability to sense. All you need to install an app, and as a result, you can manage and control all lighting systems of your smart home.

These lights are costlier, but sooner or later, it will be the necessity for future generations.

Smart homes are the next big thing in the world of technology with the latest and most advanced technologies they make life more comfortable and advance with these advanced surveillance cameras that suit your working style for everyday activities.

Switch to smart homes.