Arlo Vs Soliom

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Do you find it hard to relax and focus at your workplace while being away from your kids or family at home? Are you planning for a backpacking trip but there might be a courier delivery scheduled during the trip? These and in many such circumstances, the video doorbell and surveillance cameras play a vital role in helping you monitor what is going on in front of you home. Soliom as a pioneer of bringing solar energy based home security system is quite the leading company you might consider referring to. At the same time Arlo brings you the extensive range of audio doorbells and security cameras which complement each other perfectly. So, now that you have planned on investing on home security gadgets, let’s have a look at the features of products from both the companies –

Arlo Audio Doorbell Vs Soliom Video Doorbell

As evident from the names, the doorbell from Arlo lets you communicate with visitors over its mobile phone and tablet app where you will get call as soon as someone presses the doorbell. Besides, this doorbell notifies you over mobile in case anyone from your hoe answers the bell.

Soliom’s wireless video doorbell on the other hand, lets you have access to live streaming of 1080P video along with two-way audio feature so that you can look out for unwanted people at your door and also talk to the person approaching the door. While it is weatherproof like that of Arlo, it is a forerunner with the motion sensor activated 24x7 and the infrared lights for night vision video with 165-degree lens.

Arlo Wire-free Camera Vs Soliom Solar Outdoor Camera

The wireless security cameras from Arlo namely Arlo Go, Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 are weather resistant. All the products except Arlo Pro 2 offer 720P video capturing while Pro 2 has 1080P video resolution. Apart from Pro 2 no other model offers 24x7 video recording. Arlo Pro and Pro 2 are solar powered as well as can be powered with rechargeable battery once plugged in just like the other models.

Soliom’s solar outdoor camera is 1P66 certified and hence can brave rain, snow, heat and cold within -20 degree to 60-degree centigrade temperature range. 1080P video is captured 24x7 within 65 feet of area with the Soliom S60 and while it has a 160 degree wide angle lens, Arlo Pro 2 has maximum 130 degree field of view.

While both Arlo and Soliom’s security camera lets you hear the audio, the latter has 2-way audio feature, thanks to its in-built microphone and speaker. Night mode is common in both the products but the five layered lens of S60 automatically configures in between day and night mode while detecting motion efficiently with integrated Radar and PIR technology along with trigger speed of 0.7 seconds.

As for footage storage, S60 has both cloud storage and micro SD storage facility available while Arlo has optional cloud backup only for Pro and Pro 2 and SD card support for Arlo Go.

So, judging by all the features, it can be said beyond doubt that Soliom’s surveillance cameras and video doorbells are more efficient in offering security and convenience than that of Arlo.