5 Tips For Where To Place Outdoor Security Camera!

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It is neither practical nor possible to stay outdoors or monitor every action taking place outside from the window of your house. You might be out and someone might wish to break into your house or decide to pay a surprise visit or the delivery person comes up with a parcel. The Soliom S60 can be your all-in-one solution to address all these issues outside your home and give you a sense of relief and security. But in this context, the placement of your surveillance camera will be a concern.

Concerned about the Camera Placement: Try these Places!

You might not wish to place it in places where there is no risk of trespassers or visitors. A strategic placement can help you in monitoring wide area where you can see visitors, trespassers as well as your pet or people who are outside.

Tip 1: The Front Door to Your Rescue

The most common and easiest placement for security camera is the front door as this not only gives you footage of the person(s) approaching your front door or porch but also overlooks the entrance through the main gate or garden in front of your house. This will let you keep a watch for the kids or pets playing outside and be assured of their safety from any outsider or accidents.

Tip 2: Do Try the Back Door

If front door placement is obvious, the back door placement is unconventional and hence, can prove to be the most fruitful placement to track down any effort of unauthorized access by unwanted people. House owners tend to be cautious about people approaching the front door, thereby, burglars, thieves and other unwanted people often try to get inside through the back door. With night vision activated for the camera and motion detection notification, you can be safe from back side too.   

Tip 3: The Garage/ Basement is Important too

You should not eliminate the idea of monitoring the driveway and garage. If placed outside the garage, you can be assured of the cars entering your perimeter as well as any unpleasant activity. If placed inside, you can monitor not only any unauthorized entrance but also any accidental occurrence inside the garage and same goes for the basement as well.

Tip 4: Think off Beat with Off-Street Or Side Windows

Another unconventional placement is on the side window giving you video coverage for off-street action. Pranksters or burglars might try to break into the house from the side window or door as house owners tend to be oblivious for these sections. The solar powered camera will give you footage of the people walking or driving along the street.

Tip 5: The View from the Top: Consider the First Floor

Placing the Soliom camera on first floor exterior will not only reduce the chance of damage done on the camera by burglars but also give you a wider coverage of perimeter from top so that you can have access to the front or back entrance, yards or garden, garage and beyond the boundary within the camera reach.

The placement should be enough to make the camera harder to reach at optimal height while it is able to cover whole perimeter and the entrances for anyone and anything moving around.