Blink Vs Soliom!

Blink Vs Soliom!

While home security has always been one evident concern for the house owners, the home security systems are also getting advanced day by day. Checking the guest on your front door through the peephole is neither so effective with its small area coverage nor safe as the obnoxious people can be hiding anywhere out of the reach of the peephole. The companies like Soliom and Blink, in this context have come up with the new generation home security cameras to offer smooth extensive functionality and full safety to the occupants of the house. With these cameras attached on the door or near the porch, any movement within the vast covered area is captured and is streamed to your handsets.

Feature Comparison Of Soliom And Blink

So, now as you must be confused as to which brand to go for let’s check out the features of both the brands to give you a proper insight –

  • Video Quality

While Soliom’s Security Camera for outdoor offers clear, detailed and bright 1080P high definition video footages, the Blink XT outdoor camera offers 720P video capturing with minimal blur or distortion. With five wide angle glass lens, Soliom’s outdoor camera can cover vast area both during day and night.

  • Night Vision

Blink XT has the in-built LED illuminator integrated with patent technology so that regardless of whether it is low light condition or bright daylight, you will always get fully colored HD video. The Soliom S60 on the other hand, has PIR motion sensors for starlight night mode in which up to 65 feet area can be covered by the low-glow LED. With the change of light in nature, the camera can automatically be switched to night mode and vice versa.  

  • Weather Resistance

Blink outdoor cameras come with weatherproofing features to stand against drizzles and other weather changes so that you always get HD videos irrespective of weather conditions. As a challenger, Soliom’s solar powered outdoor camera comes with IP66 waterproofing technology so that whether it is thundering or raining, scorching or snowing, the camera stays intact.

  • Power Backup

The S60 is the first of its kind with its solar panels attached alongside for ensuring smooth video surveillance with renewable energy source. Its 4000 mAh battery is able to work seamlessly for up to six months in standby mode while consuming as less as 0.012 watts power. It can record for around 12 hours in daytime and up to 8 hours in night vision. The Blink XT with its two AA Lithium batteries run with the patent chip technology and will last a long time.

  • Audio Feature

Blink has the one way audio feature offered by the in-built microphone so that you can hear any sound made by the guests as well as in the surroundings. As for Soliom’s camera, there is the two way audio feature with in-built microphone and speaker so that you can not only hear the sound along with the video but also speak to the person at your doorstep while you are away or not able to attend him/her.

So, judging by the main features of both Soliom and Blink, it is quite evident that the former has upgraded features to offer more convenience and safety than the latter. Which one are you planning to get?  

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