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How To Keep Your Home Safe While On Holiday

How To Keep Your Home Safe While On Holiday

Be it a vacation from studies or work, or a long term backpacking trip during seasonal holidays, a few days spent outside your home can be quite refreshing for you in middle of the routine lifestyle. While some people go for holidays with whole family, in some cases, a few of the members set out and the rest stay at home. In either case, even if you are vacationing far away leaving all worries behind, the concern of home safety will still linger on. With a security camera or video doorbell, you can leave your home with the assurance that you can monitor the household and exterior whenever needed, even from miles away.

Suppose you have finally taken out time to go for that hiking trip with friends and after returning, you find out that someone has knocked off the front window. Move on to another scenario –you have just returned from a trip only to find out that you have been robbed. Soliom brings you the futuristic home security gadgets so that even while you are away, you can make sure that any person inside your home or your property at your absence is safe from any unwanted person.

Home Safety With Outdoor Solar Camera

Surveillance cameras are not uncommon for home safety but what about a surveillance camera that works relentlessly 24x7 no matter what the weather is or the time of the day is. Performance complemented by convenience is the key of Soliom S60 camera that comes with solar panels and both side audio system with microphone and speaker.

  • The battery can withstand d -40to 1400 Fahrenheit temperature and rain or snow with IP66 feature.
  • The five layered 1600angled lens will offer you 1080P video footage even when the motion is 32 feet away!
  • You will never miss an action with PIR motion detection for night mode and the 15 fps trigger speed will make sure that you have clear evidence.

Track Visitor Activities With Solar video Doorbell

The wireless video doorbell is not only easy to install on the wall but also seamlessly functional in rain, snow, storm and heat. Be it an expected or unexpected guest paying a visit or a delivery personnel bringing a courier, an unwanted stalker or a burglar trying to break in –the doorbell can capture the footage excellently.

  • While you are basking under the sun somewhere or hiking through woods, if you have an internet connection, this solar powered camera will send you real time footage of anyone approaching your door.
  • The in-built microphone with speaker in the doorbell will let you communicate with the visitor and also hear what they speak so that if you feel any risk, you can call for help.
  • The 1080P live streaming is not hindered with darkness of night or harsh weather and even if the burglar tries to break the doorbell, it will be in vain with the sturdy anti-smash housing and anti-theft alarm sent on your mobile.   

This is the age of technological advances and internet boons –being informed about any motion in front of your house or monitoring the indoor and outdoor activities will be easier like never before.

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