Check List for a Successful Security Camera System Installation

Check List for a Successful Security Camera System Installation

In recent years, people have bought more CCTV cameras than ever. The rise in the number of surveillance camera is due to more people getting conscious about their safety. Especially in urban areas, people have bought more security cameras. If you too are planning to set up a security camera at your residence then here article is a must read for you!

Here are some important things that you should consider before buying an outdoor security camera.

  • Get help from a certified professional to understand the places where you need to install your Surveillance camera.
  • Ensure there are several power sources
  • Ensure that your camera is powerful enough to get clear footage of the license plates of cars on road.
  • Find outdoor security camera systems which can withstand the weather and temperature.


Camera selection

The choice of Surveillance camera should depend on your need. Just buying the most expensive device in the market would not ensure the best. Remember, the camera is for safety purposes. So, you should not compromise with anything!


Here are a few qualities you should look for in the camera

  • Buy a strong effective camera that can pick up the license plate number.
  • Find a camera with a manual zoom on it.
  • Consider cameras with more Mega Pixels
  • Look for IP cameras you can plug into your computer system easily. This allows cloud storage, which is a safer option. Another option would be to go for a wireless camera. However, they may be very glitchy!
  • Make sure it is an outdoor camera if you don’t want it to get damaged in harsh weather conditions.


You will have to choose between two types of Camera system:

  • Wireless: If you go for this kind, make sure that a single range is good. However, these are a little expensive.
  • Cable: The better option would be to go for wires but it would require setting up your computer with the system.

 Thus, when you have finalized and bought the best security camera, we will focus on the installation process.

The Camera installation process

Camera placement location: You need to find out the location for placing your device. You cannot simply put it anywhere and forget about it. You need to place it strategically so that the camera can catch the face of any person or the car’s number plate on the road. Ensure that the place you select for your camera has a powerful light source so it can capture scenes at night too. An example of placement is near the porch light of your house overlooking the road.

Software selection: The next thing you would want to look for is the ideal software for your camera system.

Ensure that the software has these following qualities:

  • Works with most camera systems
  • Detects motion efficiently
  • Includes timestamp
  • Stores immediately to the cloud upon right settings
  • Comes with a phone app to view the recordings

Storage: Don’t think much and go for cloud storage. It is the best storage option you have. If you go for traditional ways like DVDs and other storage materials, then they would be easily destroyed or can be accessible to anyone. However, with Cloud, it is password protected!

Most of the people face problems during set up of security cameras because they don't plan properly. You need to be ready with a plan and have all the required things handy. It is best to do the whole process on your own so that no third person will know of the functioning.

However, if you cannot do it properly, you can always book for paid installing service from certified firms.


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