Tips for Your Kids Security When They Are Home Alone

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Be it your own kids or any child in your family; it is always the same worrying when you have to set out of the house for any work. Leaving them alone without monitoring is a strict no-no while leaving them under the supervision of a babysitter also comes with the thought whether the kids have adequately cared or not. With a surveillance camera, you can monitor your kids and even the caretaker at regular intervals when you are away. As kids are not able to take care of their safety all by themselves, you can indirectly ensure their safety while also teaching them how to stay out of harm’s way. Here are the best tips for ensuring your kids’ safety when you are not present –

Enlighten Kids about the Functions of Security System

The easiest way to keep your kids (who have a necessary technical sense about gadgets) within a safe vibe is to show them how the security camera or video doorbell works, how they can see the footage and where those gadgets are placed. Also, teach them how to raise the alarm, in case they feel unsafe because the in-built microphone will notify you accordingly. For infants, however, you can teach the caretaker about the functions of the security system.   

Keep Indoor Security Camera for Kids’ Room   

It is mandatory to keep an indoor security camera for the kids’ room(s) or nursery because, during your absence, they should spend most of the time in their rooms only. You should try to communicate with the kids through the in-built speaker so that they feel protected. In case they are being supervised by a caretaker, you can also make sure that he/she is generally behaving with your kids.  

Add a Video Doorbell for Front Door and Set Rules For Opening Door

The best way to stay safe from kidnappers or burglars is to stay indoors and not to open the door without ensuring who is at the doorstep. Leave a mobile device at home and tell the kids or the infant’s caretaker to open the door only after checking the video doorbell footage. Even if you miss out monitoring the front door, the occupants will be safe by judging the authenticity of whoever standing at the doorstep.  

Monitor Other Parts of the House with Surveillance Camera

Your full HD camera for both indoors and outdoors will keep you updated about the kids who would obviously roam about the house or be accompanied by the caretaker in doing so. Install the camera at an elevated angle to cover the maximum field of view inside your home and also add a camera at the backyard and the front yard where kids might play as well as want to explore on their own or with the caretaker.   


Raise the alarm whenever You See Something Unusual

Both your indoor and outdoor security camera comes with an in-built microphone to take voice input from your kids or caretakers and in-built speaker to release voice output from your end. Hence, whenever you find that the caretaker’s behavior is suspicious or the kids are in danger, or someone has broken into the house, you have to scream or threaten the miscreant to let them know that they are being monitored.

You might rely on the caretaker and let him/her know about the functionality of the security system, and at the same time, it will send the message that your kids and house is under surveillance. When it comes to your kids, there is no excuse of being off-guard.