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Coyote caught on security camera running through Bel Air man's yard

Coyote caught on security camera running through Bel Air man's yard

Coyote caught on camera running through Bel Air man's yard

A coyote was reportedly seen running through the yard of house in Bel Air on a home camera system while the home owner was present on the yard doing his chores. The man, Daryl Towne stated that he had come out of his shop and was busy working with landscape lighting system outside when the intruder,  a coyote stormed past him. He also recorded that he had been living in countryside for thirty long years and had moved in here around five years back.

According to him, coyote sighting in country is not such shocking news but seeing them so frequently in an urban area out of country is surely unnatural to him and thereby, was confusing to him.

According to Urban Coyote Initiative, the mating or puppy nursing season for coyotes range from the period of February to April and hence, this time the coyotes are usually more active and are caught on outdoor security camera. During this time, the interaction between people, their pets and coyotes increase significantly.  

The precautionary steps during coyote mating and nursing season are –

  • Not to leave pet food outside overnight as it can attract coyotes and other animals during night which coyotes would prey on.
  • Setting up home security system and keep eye on the pets if they are out at night
  • Securely closing the lips of trash cans as the odor might attract coyotes along with foxes, raccoons, possums, skunks, wolves and armadillos to name a few.
  • Checking small animals on outdoor camera and when you take them out for walking, keep them on leash
  • Staying on marked trails while jogging or walking. As coyotes only turn aggressive and attack while nursing, to protect the pups or during pregnancy, by feeling threatened, it is better not to approach them or trying to feed them
  • Carrying walking stick while going out. If you have dogs, they would fear the sticks and in case a coyote is nearby, they will drive them away by barking.  

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