SHOCKING NEWS!! A security camera helped one family hide from an intruder

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SHOCKING NEWS!! A security camera helped one family hide from an intruder

The introduction of Security camera and its extensive benefits have always been discussed over various media throughout the years. Quite recently, a woman of 42 years old became a lucky witness of such benefit and had quite a narrow escape as it seems. On the Sunday, 31st March, the shocking news from Madison surfaced the internet. The lady supposedly heard an unusual loud noise centering from her home during early hours and she decided to check the wifi camera footages first to find out the cause of the sound.

To her surprise, she found an obnoxious bearded man entering her home and was immediately alarmed about this man trespassing of her property. According to her statement to the officials, in the mean time, she along with her partner was successful in taking their two kids and then hiding inside their back bedroom. She wasted no time in dialing 9-1-1 on her mobile and informed the city Police Department about the occurring as monitored on the surveillance system.

Officers turned up the site with the K-9 and before entering her home, they also announced their presence so that the intruder would surrender. The alleged man, now hiding behind front door, burst out suddenly and started to resist the police officers, in which they also suffered minor tissue injuries.

The police arrested the man and brought him to the city hospital. Once he was cleared, he was taken to the jail. The bearded man discovered by the fortunate woman from the home security system is now charged with allegations of trespassing, disorderly conduct along with two accounts of resisting on-duty officers, thereby causing injury of soft tissue.