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How to Keep your Kids Safe at Home Alone

How to Keep your Kids Safe at Home Alone

Leaving your home when you are going out for shopping or work, can be one of the most common concerns for you especially if you have kids at home. It is not possible for everyone to appoint a babysitter or have anyone from the family to look after your kids when you are away. Obviously, you cannot leave work or important appointments altogether, neither can you leave the kids at home without any monitoring.

How to Keep your Kids Safe at Home Alone

Hence, the best home security camera will be your most suitable ally as it will not only keep you updated about the activity at your home but also let you communicate with them whenever needed.

How Can You Keep Kids Safe And Monitor Them?

To keep them safe from trivial to vital issues, the security camera is there for your aid –

  • A solar powered outdoor camera can be easily used for indoor purpose as the mounting process is the same and it works efficiently in covering wide 160 degree field of view. That being said, the camera can easily let you check the whole room and monitor your kids.
  • If you have a teenage kid or kids who are more than eager to try their hands on cars, you can install the surveillance camera in the garage to check if they are trying to get inside the car or planning on taking a drive.

How to Keep your Kids Safe at Home Alone

  • If your kid is a newborn or an infant who spend most of the time inside the nursery, the camera placed on the top corner of the room or on the room window can be your best choice to get expansive view. This will also come in handy if the kid is under the care of a babysitter and you have to make sure she is taking proper care of your kid.
  • If you are out for short time and your kids being at the garden, front yard or back yard has highest probability, you can install the camera on the boundary or house wall or even on a tall tree. If you also have a private pool, it will be really necessary to have surveillance to ensure that there is no accident caused by nature or from carelessness.

Why Soliom Security Camera Can Be A Reliable Choice?

A WiFi security camera is undoubtedly the most reliable choice in this modern technological age where kids have become more advanced and their safety has become more vulnerable. The solar security camera from Soliom has the following advantages –

How to Keep your Kids Safe at Home Alone

  • Coming with IP66 waterproofing feature, the camera can perform seamlessly under natural calamities and accidental splash of water. From -20 to 60-degree temperature and under non-condensing 20-85% humidity, you will have clear footage as security surveillance.
  • 1080P media at 15fps speed is captured and saved on up to 64 GB external storage.  Sound input through in-built microphone and output through in-built speaker is the added bonanza.
  • 110-degree PIR coverage of 13 feet area will keep every moment captured even at night with the 32 feet coverage in night vision.

How to Keep your Kids Safe at Home Alone

Your kids’ safety is the most important concern of yours and when you are away, any unfortunate accident can take place or your kids might even get into a row. Connected with WiFi and having 4000 mAh battery backup, the Soliom security camera will let you be updated about any movement within the camera range through the mobile app support.     

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