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Dash Cam that can be the Good Option to buy in 2019

Dash Cam that can be the Good Option to buy in 2019

When you try to grasp your full memory after some roadside trouble, there will be times when you shall forget minute detail. When you think you had the full view might not be the actual case. The in-car cameras are the best technological development that makes a video and audio recording of your entire journey.

A dashboard camera for a car has become increasingly popular because of its benefits. These cameras are widely used all around the world by regular drivers, cab drivers, and police officers. Some dash cameras record the interior of the car in 360° while automatically sends pictures and videos.

Finding the best car dash camera for 2019 can be overwhelming for you. We agree that there isn’t any shortage of models. In order to help solve the complication for choosing the best dash cam, we will prep a list.

3 main type of dash camera:

  • Front view– These are among the car dash camera capturing the front. They are cheap enough to buy.
  • Front and back view– The car dash camera with front and rear view offering the advantage of recording both the view of the front as well as behind your car.
  • Cabin view- This car camera provides you with a bird’s eye view of what happened inside your car. This is mostly used in taxis and car services.

Generally, the best dash camera of the year has similar technology to one another. With features including numerous parking modes and other additional characteristics, following are the best dash camera of 2019:

  • Soliom G1 dash camera – This dash camera adopts the new seamless video joint technology. The dual 190° super wide angle front and inside lens with 360° broad view. It is the ideal choice and preps up for a smart drive. It also has powerful dual Sunplus 6350A processor and dual Sony sensors with 6 fixed lenses. Safer for extremely hot weather with larger cooling fin and more cooling holes. The Soliom G1 has 360° parking mode monitoring your car’s surroundings while your car is parked. This is the best buy and worth your investment.
  • RoadHawk DC-2 – Gyro balanced image stabilization and a high-quality sensor create great footage. It works in even low lights with the audio connection. This is a standard form car dash camera, with no extra styling and limited functionality.
  • YI smart dash camera- Is able to monitor the surrounding area. Comes with a G-sensor technology and allows the camera to automatically record and save clips in an emergency situation. It is all-glass with high-resolution lens and video can be recorded in low-light situations.
  • Cobra car dash camera – This certainly has a stylish packaging and aesthetic design. The rear touch screen camera could be small. There is a built-in GPS that shall take care of the speed and location. The price is great but the only drawback it carries is that it troubles in low light.

 These best car dash cameras for 2019 can change the way you drive, you may become more road-savvy. Additionally, it helps the new learner and drivers to gain information on what is happening behind your wheels. Dash cameras are very useful in-car technology that the world is coming up with, it is hassle-free leaving you to get on with other important things in your life. Thus, with this article, we are sure that you shall make the best purchase of the year.

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