Soliom G1 Dash Camera: The X factor features for Cars

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Are you a professional driver or a learner? Your car is worth the value of thousands of dollar invested by you. Besides, it costs maintenance and other additional daily payments. Just the way you secure your house with surveillance cameras around it in case of any theft, so does your car requires – security. Yes, technology has advanced in ways that now you can capture activities in and out of your own vehicle by video and audio recording your entire journey.

A car dash camera is an onboard camera that records the view through a vehicle’s front and rear screen. It is extensively used by taxi and bus drivers which help them to rely on the footages while any trouble or accidents may occur.

Well, now you know what a dash camera basically is, but you must identify the importance of such useful device given by technology. Through this article, we will journey to the requirement of the dashboard cam while also highlighting the best car dash cameras only for you.

  • A dash cam helps you get evidence– Technological advancement of having video footages in-case of the collision of two vehicles. With the dash camera footage, you have rich evidence to have a clear confirmation to know whose mistake was it before someone else tries to pin the blame upon you. The video is stored in the memory card and you can easily replay it anytime.
  • Dash camera helps you to monitor your teenager’s driving skills – Parents of teenagers remain worried throughout their outings with friends especially while they are driving a car. You may wonder how fast your child must be driving. So, a dash cam provides you with great surveillance. You can easily monitor where your teenager goes with the help of GPS and review the footage to know how well he/she is driving.
  • Dash cams elevate driving standards – If you are relying on other people involved in the accident to give an account of the incident, the one who is at fault, in turn, ends up blaming you because of their dishonesty you shall be the one to suffer. Let not such a situation ruin your time. The dash camera leaves no room for the one who committed the mistake to deny his/her fault. These cameras enforce a standard which is required on the road.

You don’t need to rely on any second-hand evidence with the introduction of G1 dash camera by Soliom you can enjoy the rest of your life worry less.

  • 190°front view – With dual 190° extra wide lens you can have the front and inside cabin facing camera lens. This produces 360° recording without blind area around your car.
  • Soliom G1 dash camera– This product is flawless and among the best dash camera with video joint technology and super wide angle. It has powerful dual Sunplus 6350A processor and dual Sony sensors with 6 fixed lenses. Also a space for SD card with maximum 128 GB. The GPS function is optional.

  • Safe for extremely hot weather – This product has a cooling feature too with cooling holes to increase the ability to pull the heat down.
  • 360° parking monitor –The G1 has 360° parking mode monitor to analyze the surrounding of your car even when your engine is off.

Enough said about the importance of the dash cameras necessary for your behind-the-wheel activities. By the information shared, we hope you get the best car dash in order to drive safely with peace of mind.