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Soliom S60 Camera: A Innovative Technology with Latest Security Embedded

Soliom S60 Camera: A Innovative Technology with Latest Security Embedded

Security cameras help a person getting the vision of every corner of a room or a house and which can prevent anyone from stealing anything from there. Because of this reason, these cameras are very popular in big mansions, big malls, and stores. The wireless security cameras are most popular among all the security cameras. Because these have low installation cost and they come with flexible mounting option. Soliom is one of the leading brands who develop solar-powered security cameras. One of their products is the S60 outdoor wireless camera, which is particularly popular because of some of its unique features.

Here in this article, we will focus on how this camera had turned the table in terms of technology in modern security cameras.

Features of S60 Camera

  • Solar Powered: With 4000 mAh in-built battery, Soliom s60 is one the best self-sustained outdoor security cameras because it is completely solar-powered. So you do not have to worry about electric bills or changing the battery of the camera constantly. If the charge of the camera is almost ending, then it will show a low power notification and you will have to charge it manually. This usually happens during the monsoon because the camera does not get enough sunlight to charge itself up.
  • Accurate Motion Detecting: The S60 solar outdoor camera features a two-way motion technology with 0.7 tracking trigger speed, which reduces false alerts. Also, when it detects any motion, the camera will send an alert notification to the user’s Smartphone while recording a video clip into the memory card.
  • Wide Angle and Weather-proofBecause of being made with prime quality plastics, Soliom S60 wireless solar camera can withstand any kind of extreme temperature. You will not have to worry about dead batteries because it can work fully at temperatures between 60 degree Celsius to -20 degree Celsius. Also, the wide-angle vision of the cameras can monitor your whole backyard.


  • Easy Installation: If you are worrying that the installation of S60 is very tough and will take a lot of time then you are wrong. Main power is not needed for this wireless outdoor camera. You only need three screws for the installation which will surely not take much of your time.
  • Day and Night Vision: During the daytime, this surveillance camera records videos in 1080p Full HD quality thus giving you a clear vision about everything that is going on your yard. During night-time, it uses Starlight IR sensors to offer clean bright pictures and videos for night vision. These advanced features of this wireless camera make it more reliable.


Soliom S60 is considered to be one of the best security cameras with night vision because of all the unique and exclusive features it comes with. A manual guide will be there to help you with the installation process. The camera also has a small input panel where the USB port and reset switch can be found. A MicroSD slot can also be found at the same place but without a MicroSD card which you will have to buy. Soliom sole target is to provide each and everyone a secure life. So you can get this amazing wireless camera at an affordable price and enjoy a peaceful life.  


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