Five Home Security Tips You Probably Never Thought Of

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Home security is one of those mandatory concerns that every homeowner has but most are in dark about how to execute the security system. There are video door chimes, security cameras and so many varieties in the market. However, the concern comes in while choosing them!

Five Home Security Tips You Probably Never Thought Of

You might feel confused about how to place them, whether they are effective enough or do you actually need to have some additional precautions for security. So, here are five tips about home security, which are not at all complicated but worthy enough to keep you guarded –

1. Your Back Door Too Needs Surveillance

You generally add a video doorbell and/or surveillance camera at your front door as this is where most of the visitors arrive. However, the intruders and thieves will rather take the back door where you don’t have any security. One of the best solutions is to place the doorbell with video facility at the front door as people would get to ring the chime to announce about their arrival and the surveillance camera at the back door to watch out for unwanted guests.

2. Keeping Security Cameras By Side Windows Actually Help

Thieves and intruders would know that your main doors are under surveillance and hence, they might actually wish to break in through the side windows or doors.

Five Home Security Tips You Probably Never Thought Of

As added security never hurts, why not place a security camera on the side doors or windows which are beside the boundary wall or the street from where intrusion is more viable. Also deter from keeping valuable gadgets or materials near those windows or doors as a safety measure!  

3. Making Intruders Aware That Your Home Is Under Security Is Effective

Never let your guard down; especially when you need to show the intruders that you are under security. While thieves might ignore the home security cameras or video doorbells during night, the luminous decals or stickers with written message that your property is under 24x7 surveillance will aware them about your step forward.

Soliom has the night luminous decals which are weather resistant and glows brightly during night as an alert message. Also, keep your surveillance camera in open space so that they are easily visible.

Five Home Security Tips You Probably Never Thought Of

4. Placing Security Camera Visible Yet Out Of Reach Is Safe

Yes, as much as you wish to go into your undercover persona, in home security you need to announce your security features. Placing the doorbell within the hands reach and on eye level will help visitors ring it effortlessly and also let the lenses capture clear video of the face and the getup of the visitor.

Besides, the surveillance camera should be placed at elevated space within visibility of the visitor to cover a wide area while keeping a safe distance from anyone trying to tamper with it.  

Five Home Security Tips You Probably Never Thought Of

5. Keeping WiFi On 24x7 And Mobiles Accessible Will Secure You   

As the modern wireless camera and doorbells with video support run with home WiFi and thereby sends you live footage and motion detection notification in real time on your mobile devices, it is better to leave the WiFi run 24x7 as you don’t know when there is trespassing in your property. Also, stay near the mobile devices when you are outside so that you are aware of any visitor or intrusion during your absence.

According to your requirement and budget, you are free to devise any security system for your home and property. However, if you are investing on something so sensitive, it is better to consider the common security tips before executing one!