Get Alerts in Real Time with Soliom S60!

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Secure your home with the all-new Soliom S60 and reduce the chances of false triggers by 99%. Monitor the rooms and the home appliances and protect them from a burglar. 

We are glad to announce that the Soliom has begun its new era in the world of the CCTV surveillance camera. The fine design and the latest technologies of this camera are going to make the world awestruck with its amazing services. It can be the best companion in assisting you to monitor and operate your home and offices from anywhere and at any time. Still, now, a false alarm is the most common problem that most people are dealing with. Soliom has focused on this and make it reliable for providing 99% accuracy in motion detection.

The two integrated motion detection technologies (RADAR and PIR) are helpful in accelerating the trigger speed in 0.7 seconds for detecting the motion of the intruder in the home.  Basically, these are the two motion sensors which function on the same bases but in a different way. PIR sensors trigger its speed when any electrical gadget is touched by any burglar, on the other hand, RADAR emits microwave which is helpful in recording the video in the camera. As PIR sensor can make false alarms but the RADR is there which will give the more accuracy in detection of motion.  

Soliom S60 is always the best as its external plastic-molded body are developed in such a way that it can enable itself to withstand in any natural disaster and extremely bad weather conditions- too hot and too cold. The IP66 is the waterproofing ability of the camera and it works efficiently even in the rainy season without deteriorating the picture quality. Another amusing feature if this camera is that it is wire-free and can be operated with Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, it is reliable to use it in your home and office campus as it will let you monitor these areas with the help of your Smartphone- Android, Windows, and iPhone. The two-way talk is the most stunning feature of this camera which will help you live streaming recording and calling facility to anyone at any place.

Night vision is another quality that this IP camera possesses. The Starlight night vision facility of this camera will automatically switch to night mode as the day fades away. The infrared ray will help in retaining the picture quality in low light mode by changing the shutter speed. The shutter speed plays an important role in offering the quality video of the area at night. This will change the quality mode of the camera- white and black and color mode. Thus, it can be used in the outside of your area as you can get the clear as well as HD picture quality even in extreme darkness, making it an unmatched for outside surveillance camera.

It is the only surveillance camera which is helpful for sustainable development. It is eco-friendly as it doesn’t require any conventional sources for its operation. Hence, it is the best companion for your home which will save the high amount of electricity bill and assists you monitor your home and nearby surrounding areas with its wonderful serviceability.