Soliom Is Here With World’s First Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera- Soliom S60!

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Get the world’s first solar powered wireless security camera Soliom S60 from Soliom for securing your home. This solar-powered camera saves power and gives you 100% assistance in security.

Soliom has been artistically designed the solar-powered Soliom S60. With this new and outstanding invention, Soliom has brought a new genre in the world of security surveillance. It is an eco-friendly gadget which can be used both for outdoor and indoor. The 4000mAh battery need not be recharged frequently as it obtains its charge from solar power. As its operation is enhanced by battery, it doesn't require any electric connection for getting activated.

It will save your monthly electricity bill too. It is easy to install as it doesn't need any wires for connection. It is best for securing your home yard, garage and other places in your house because of its weatherproofing ability (IP66). The starlight night vision mode is really helpful for you to monitor the surrounding area of your house with an excellent view. It is the only smart camera which is wireless and proved to be the best one in detecting the accurate motion of any intruders in the house.

There is another feature which will attract you to this product. Due to the capacity of absorbing solar energy, you have to connect it with an external charger to charge it frequently. The outer surface of the surveillance camera is designed with a special plastic material so that it can withstand in any extreme weather condition i.e., it will work efficiently in -4℉ till 140℉. It is best to use in outdoor as its weather guard facility helps it to provide the assistance. Hence, you can monitor your house from anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, the company has its own app. You can install the SOLIOM app on your Smartphone, computers, and laptops for live viewing and recording videos from far away distance at any time of the day. The advanced 1080p HD and refined 5 layers of the lens are awesome in providing the outstanding video quality of the day. Due to the presence of 33-49ft (10-15m) night vision, it will automatically switch the lens mode into the night for offering you a clear view of distance. It has in-built two integrated motion detection technology (RADAR and PIR) which are outstanding in catching the trigger and reduce the chance of false trigger by 99%.

About the company:

Soliom is recognized as the mastermind for introduction uniquely featured home security gadget. Since its establishment in 2016, it has replaced old-fashioned cable home security systems with the latest technology for securing your home. The company has offered a wide range of home security gadgets like Video Security Cameras and Wireless Doorbells. The reason for the popularity of this company is for the unique feature of these home security gadgets. These are all designed with solar energy and are wireless.

Hence, it neither requires any electric connectivity nor any charge. It obtains its charge from the solar energy and effectively assists you to monitor your home from far away distance. For more info on the product, you can visit: