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Protect Your Valuables with the 1st Ever Outdoor Solar Camera: the Soliom S60

Protect Your Valuables with the 1st Ever Outdoor Solar Camera: the Soliom S60

Get the all-new Soliom S60 and monitors your home with a wireless surveillance camera. It not only helps in monitoring your home but also protects the valuables, household things from a burglar.  

The new era has begun! In this hi-tech age when everyone is using the latest technology which will make the job easier why do you comprise with old-fashioned CCTV camera? Soliom already launches its wire-free CCTV camera which is reliable to use in home, office and in the campus area. Let go the tradition of using the wired camera while the Soliom S60 is completely wire-free. There are a number of features which you can use with the help of proper Wi-Fi connectivity. It will save your monthly expenses a lot as it utilizes the solar energy for its operation. The 4000mAh battery doesn’t require any electrical charging facility as it stores the energy of the sun. Therefore, a little bit of maintenance is not required in this camera.  

It has been developed with the IP66 technology, thus it will work in the same manner is a rainy season too and the water cannot affect it a bit. The plastic-molded coating body of the camera is of such a quality which will help the camera to work efficiently in both 4℉ - 140℉ (-20°C~+60°C). In the rainy season, you will be able to get the HD video too due to the presence of the advanced day and night vision ability. It is completely depended upon the technology used in the 1080p full HD along with the refined 5 layers of glasses lens.  

During the day, it offers a clear HD picture of the area it covers. It is best and reliable to use for outside premises. This is because at night times its emits an Infrared Ray which helps in activating the night mode of the lens as soon a day gets faded away. The shutter speed becomes activate too and fluctuates according to the intensity of the darkness in the area. In the extreme darkness, the color mode of the video automatically converts into the white and black mode to retain the outstanding picture quality. This facility offers the camera to take coverage of 27° to 91° with the 33 to 49ft (10 to 15m) distance area.

Soliom has dealt with the false alarm issue smartly and thus imposed the RADAR motion detection too. It will emit a light when any burglary is going to happen in the house. PIR motion detection triggers its speed when it detects any unusual touch in the electrical appliances. Thus, the RADAR detection helps in reducing the chance of false alarm by 99%. This IP camera is the surveillance camera which can be operated by Wi-Fi connectivity. There is another outstanding feature which is two-way talk. You can call anywhere and at any place.

You can live stream the condition of the house rewind any recorded videos and throw an emergency message to your family members in the case of an emergency. Thus, you need to download the SOLIOM app if you want to monitor your house with the help of your Smartphone, computer, laptops, and tablets from anywhere and can secure it from all its surroundings.             

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