How much bandwidth does a WiFi Security Camera use

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It has been observed that the best wifi security camera is becoming increasingly popular but the main question is how much data is consumed by these cameras? In order to determine the availability of bandwidth the first thing that you need to take into consideration is what locations you are communicating between. However, it is true that these types of cameras require a huge amount of data whereas simple cameras require fewer data. There are key factors that impact how much data is used by home security cameras.

Let’s have a clear look at those aspects

  • Resolution of the camera

Resolution is directly related to the high-quality pictures captured by cameras. With higher resolution, the quality of the pictures will also be best. This clearly states the fact that higher resolution cameras consume more data. Such type of cameras is used for shooting Hollywood movies. Best security cameras provide a resolution of 1080p which is not as powerful as the camera of your DSLR. However, it is good enough to provide a good quality picture of understanding.

  • Number of cameras

This is a very well-known fact more the cameras more the data will be consumed. The biggest advantage of these cameras is that it covers a huge area which eliminates the purpose of installing more cameras for security. It has been observed that with good internet it is not at all difficult to hand near about 2-4 cameras without putting much pressure on the home internet.

  • Network video recorder

A network video recorder helps in storing video from your camera on a server. In some of the surveillance system without an NVR, videos are continually being uploaded to the cloud, which makes use of the data even when the camera is not viewed by you. But thanks to NVR, data can only be used by you when you want to view footage that is stored in your phone. These type of security cameras are always recording video that makes use of data. This is why Soliom camera system has the potential to upload footage without consuming much of your data.

  • Frame rate per second

The frame rate per second is the frequency at which the images are shown per second. It is clear to everyone that higher the FPS higher will be the consumption of data by your Solar security cameras. Soliom offer cameras that help you to view snapshots instead of reviewing everything that is displayed in the video all the time which consume most of your data.

These are the facts that utilizes more of your data while proving a good video and pictures of the exterior of the house. The biggest advantage of using an outdoor security camera is that it has unlimited free storage without consuming much of your data.

Thus, in my opinion, Soliom offers some unique features that you cannot resist from purchasing. The brand has a wide range of best wifi security cameras according to the purposes you want it to serve.