Know why the Wireless Security Camera is affordable in the USA

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With smart homes, wireless outdoor cameras are becoming popular. There is no doubt that the residents of the USA are making their homes more secure with the installation of these solar cameras. Burglary may not be a regular thing in the USA like other developing countries, but still, they are installing these cameras in order to keep their home or apartment safe. People are becoming aware of the safety measure more than before. This has made these cameras more popular. These cameras have some striking features that have made more popular among the population of the USA.  

Let’s have a look at why Soliom is an affordable wireless security camera in the USA:

  • Solar power

Most of the cameras run on electricity, which is a burden on electric bill, but the slim camera is powered by the sun, built-in-solar power plant and a 5000mAh lithium battery. This is a one-time investment and will give a return for the rest of your life. Apart from that these cameras go easy in the installation process and do not create much chaos. This becomes economical for a certain period of time. These cameras will facilitate you with all the advanced facilities that are provided by other wireless cameras.

  • True wire free

It has been observed that most of the companies produce security cameras that need to be mounting at the ceiling or affix at the wall. The company has designed a wire-free camera which is again another attractive feature of it. The highly adhesive 3M sticker can be used to secure it. The cameras are unique with more special features.  

  • Motion tracking

Though most of the cameras have a motion tracking facility, these cameras have a motion sensor that activates videos doorbell to take snapshots and send instant alerts on mobile phones whenever motion is detected by the camera. This feature of the camera makes it more preferable and likable among people.

  • Live to stream

Another special feature of it that makes it easily affordable is that it does not consume too much data rather it monitors your front door at any time by starting the video from the app. This helps in reducing too much burden on your home internet. This also helps in saving much of your money which is not in the case of other cameras. This is the most attracting feature because which Soliom camera became the best wireless camera in the US market.

  • Weatherproof

This camera is IP66 certified waterproof rating which as a result not hampered by certain situations likes snow, rain or heat. Thus, I said that it is just a one-time investment and will give you good returns.

It has been seen that due to these reasons these cameras are affordable and has been gaining popularity in the USA market. Even it has a huge storage system that is not available in other outdoor security cameras. So, I will suggest you install these cameras and secure your house and apartment. It will not disappoint you.