Ring Vs Soliom

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While being concerned with security around your home, you would also want to be available to the important people approaching your front door even when you are away. The security camera and video doorbells play a big role in offering you not only audio recording but also video footage of the person(s) at your front door so that you are aware of whom you are going to greet and if there is any obnoxious person, you can take proper steps. Be it Ring’s great range of cameras and doorbells or Soliom’s patented solar doorbell and camera –the choice can be tough while you are looking for convenient home security system.

Installation Of Doorbell And Camera

After spending a decent amount for the doorbell or camera, you might want to cut down any additional cost for professional installation. While Ring’s products are strictly limited to professional electrician installation, Soliom solves this issue by including all the installation kits along with the doorbell and camera. With simple guidelines to be followed for the tools namely backboard, screws and adhesive sticker, you can install these seamlessly at your desired place.

Use Of Energy For Charging

As a precursor of solar powered home security gadgets, Soliom’s doorbell and S60 camera come with in-built solar panels. These are efficient in charging up the 5000mAh battery of doorbell and 4000 mAh battery of camera more than enough to let it function for 24x7. No matter whether it is an overcast day or bright sunny day, the solar panels can function effortlessly. While the doorbell can function for maximum 12 months in standby mode, the Soliom S60 can function for maximum 6 months.

Coming to the video doorbell of Ring, it is powered by rechargeable battery or hardwired system, 16-24 VAC transformer or the Ethernet. So, simply speaking in respect to power source, if you are up for using renewable and sustainable energy source, Soliom’s products like the S60 camera or wireless video doorbell will be better choice in cheaper cost.

Motion Detection  

While the video doorbells from Ring offer basic motion detection and notification sent to your mobile for attending so, the surveillance cameras offer customizable motion detection feature. On the other hand, Soliom’s solar doorbell offers efficient PIR motion detection support within up to 12 feet distance with 110 degree PIR angle. The solar camera can cover up to 49 feet distance with IR sensor at night and integrated Radar-PIR motion detection feature to spot any movement in real time.

Video Capturing And Weather Resistance

Both Soliom’s doorbell and solar camera with IP65 and IP66 waterproofing feature respectively can work in temperature range of -20 degree to 80 degree Celsius temperature. Besides, with 165 degree wide angle lens, the night vision video capturing of the camera becomes more detailed within 32 feet distance and that of doorbell works within range of 12 feet. Ring on the other hand, offers basic night mode capturing with the 160 degree lens and can work in temperature range of -20 degree to 48 degree Celsius.

Considering the features of both Ring’s and Soliom’s camera and doorbell, it is found that Soliom is more efficient in security and convenience and at the same time affordable.