Motion Detection Made Easy with Soliom S60!

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Get the right alert and accurate motion detection with the RADAR and PIR motion detection of the mind-blowing and latest Soliom S60. It is reliable for protecting the household appliances from the burglary.    

 Why are you not preferring the all-new Soliom S60 for your home? It is completely a different world on its own. It is the best and popular CCTV surveillance camera which is known for its special features. If you are encountering with the false alarm issue of the old-fashioned CCTV surveillance camera, then you can replace the old one with this new one. The false alarm issue has been smartly dealt in this camera with the installation of both PIR and RADAR motion detection technology. Though both of these technologies are functioned on the same platform the exact function of each of these is quite different from each other.   


PIR technology is helpful in detecting the unusual touch of the electrical appliances of the home. On the other hand, RADAR technology emits an Infrared ray for alerting the intruder regarding the burglar. The inbuilt 4000mAh battery of the wire-free IP camera is best for sustainable resources as it stores the main source of energy for future purposes. It is widely used by most companies for its usages of renewable sources of energy. The solar power absorbs and stored by the battery of the camera saves a lot of monthly electricity bill. Due to the installation of IP65 technology, it is best to withstand in the rainy season. The waterproofing ability of the camera doesn't create any bad effect on the lens and retains the quality of the picture good.  

As it doesn't require any external charging, you don't have to put an extra notice for its maintenance. It reduces the chance of a false alarm by 99% due to the installation of both PIR and RADAR integrated motion detection technologies. These are impeccable technologies which work respectively on their own field to protect the home from burglary. The trigger speed of these integrated motion detection technologies gets accelerated up to 0.7 seconds for creating the alarm to alert the members of the house. The refined 5 layers of the glasses lens are designed with the Starlight night vision mode. Thus, it is proved to be best for installing at the outside of the home.

It can cover the area of 15-meter distance. The automatic switching on to the change of color of the video and the night mode is proved its reliability in assisting you to monitor the house and office premises at night times. As it doesn’t require any external charge it can stay active for 24/7. Therefore, you can go anywhere and at any place you can monitor and secure your home with a good Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Wi-Fi connectivity helps in offering the new live video, call facility with the family members at any time and from any place. Moreover, you can download SOLIOM app for monitoring the home with the help of a remote. The app will let you see the recorded videos at any time of your smart gadgets like computers, tablets, Smartphone, and laptops. In the case of an emergency, you can drop any message for your family members too.