Get Soliom’s Weatherproof Wireless Security Camera With Built-In Microphone

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How would you feel if your household surveillance system is compromised under the influence of bad weather? Disgusting, isn’t it? When you are installing a security camera, the last thing you would want for it is to break down in thunderstorm, excess heat or cold.

Surveillance cameras are not new to this market but choosing the right one from the mass is difficult task because apart from the video capturing feature you would want a reliable gadget that can perform regardless of the weather condition. In this context, you should consider the Soliom Bird S60 security camera which comes with DIY installation kit and runs with solar energy.

Why Soliom Bird S60 Can Be Your Perfect Choice?

While looking for the best outdoor camera, there are certain features to consider such as waterproofing, energy consumption, video quality etc. Below listed are the features that make Soliom stand out from the rest –

Wireless Installation

There is no need of wiring with main power source and the package comes with three expansion screws, two machine screws, a bracket, a screwdriver and a reset pin. Read the user manual to install the home camera without any hassle.

Weather proofing

With IP66 waterproofing feature, this outdoor camera can brave even the heaviest of rain and hailstorms. Thanks to its customized 4000 mAh battery, it can function seamlessly in temperature ranging between -20 to +60 degree Celsius and non-condensing humidity between 20-80%.   

WiFi facility For 24x7 Monitoring

As a wireless WiFi camera the Soliom S60 can be easily configured with the Soliom mobile app so that whenever there is a motion detected in close vicinity of the camera, it sends a notification on your mobile no matter what the time is. You can check the status of the camera footage whenever you want.

Brilliant Media Quality

With wide 160 degree angle field of view, the wireless camera can cover a panoramic area in its footage and its night vision too has up to 32 feet range so that you never miss even minute moment during day and night. The 1080P video footages are saved on external memory card and on the mobile app storage cloud.

Ease Of Communication

The in-built microphone will let the guest at the door talk to you while your reply can easily be sent to the guest through the output device –the speaker. Be it a delivery person or a guest or a pet arriving while you are away, you can easily converse with each other. This will also let you warn the intruder.   

Solar Power Consumption

As a pioneer in using solar energy in surveillance cameras, the weatherproof S60 camera has in-built solar panels on both sides and the Lithium battery can be charged with the solar energy even when the sky is overcast.

Motion Sensor

No fleeting moment will be missed with 0.7 second shutter speed of the camera and as motion sensor, there is 110 degree PIR having 13 feet range and Radar so that clear footage is captured with starlight night mode.

Considering all the above-mentioned features, it is evident that Soliom Bird S60 is one of the revolutionary solar wireless security cameras that will never disappoint you in keeping your house, members of household or property safe from intruders.