Wi-Fi Security Camera - The Pros and the Cons

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A surveillance camera is used to monitor every natural and human activity around your property or workplace is something very indispensable these days. The risk or burglary is something not to be taken lightly as miscreants are getting more creative in their skills. With a Wi-Fi-based security system that offers continuous monitoring, you can be well assured that your property is in a safe condition and even if there is anything suspicious, you can take swift action right away. However, just like any other gadgets, these cameras have some disadvantages overshadowed by the many advantages.

Advantages of WiFi Security Camera

From the ease of setting up to seamless service 24x7, there are numerous advantages of installing a digital surveillance system with Wi-Fi.

  • The high definition 1080P videos captured by the camera will miss no detail, thanks to the 15fps frame rate.
  • Wide 160-degree field of view makes sure that a wide perimeter is covered under surveillance.
  • The wireless camera can capture videos within 49 feet range with the starlight night vision while the 110 degrees PIR angle with 13 feet range and RADAR sensors will offer outstanding motion detection
  • Being IP66 rated certified, the camera has excellent water resistance and will serve you efficiently in rain, thunderstorm, hailstorm, snowfall, or drizzle.
  • With the bracket, expansion screws, reset pins, screwdriver and machine screws available in the package, no installation cost will be needed as you can easily mount it up by reading the manual.   
  • The solar camera consumes no conventional electricity as its 4000 mAh battery gets recharged even in downcast situations and works under -20 to 60 degree Celsius temperature and 20-85% non-condensing humidity.    
  • With its compatible mobile app, the camera will send a real-time notification through WiFi network availed from your home to your mobile device whenever any unusual motion is detected
  • The camera also comes with a two-way audio system with in-built microphone and speaker so that you can communicate with the guest during the absence or threaten the unwanted trespasser right from the camera.  

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Security Camera

With all the advantages of the camera duly noted, you might be well convinced of how installing the solar outdoor camera can be a win-win situation for you. However, before you get your security system enabled, make sure you are aware of the following disadvantages –

  • With 24x7 monitoring using the Wi-Fi network of your router, it is possible that the internet speed is under strain and thereby, dropouts and network failure can occur, especially if there are trees or walls blocking the signal.
  • Although one surveillance system can cover one part of your property, for example, the front yard, the other part of the property remains unmonitored and installing more than one Wi-Fi security camera might not be affordable to you.
  • A 64 GB memory card or the limited cloud storage might not be enough to keep all your video recording for days on end.

Wi-Fi surveillance undoubtedly is one of the most effective solutions to keep your property safe. But just as there are some minor limitations, make sure you attend those issues appropriately for long-term relief.

Every product has it’s own benefits and limitations, but be a smart decision maker!