Security camera catches thief stealing watches from small business in Phoenix

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Security camera catches thief stealing watches from small business in Phoenix

On 15th March, Kenny Blanchard, a small business owner was devastated with the shocking news of losing $12,000 reportedly after someone trespassed his shop to steal watches of the said amount. Blanchard who owns this small watch shop said he was in a state of near bankruptcy and recorded that the theft had left him very sad and angry at the same time.

He said that the Brooklyn Watch Shop was like his baby, which he was striving to set up successfully for himself as well as his family. On 51st Ave and Thomas, this shop with surveillance system was started in January this year   and Blanchard’s dream was fulfilled.

Police recorded that the intruder broke in some moments after 6 in the morning and according to Blanchard’s product record, he was successful in stealing thirty watches. The whole scenario of the theft was monitored on the security cams which are used in home security system.

As found on the video footage of the wifi security camera, the thief looked around the watch shop after breaking in, opened drawers supposedly in search of cash and then moved over to watch display area before he started pulling out the products and placed them inside his bag.

After seeing the security camera footage Blanchard was distraught to find out that someone can be so horrible as to steal something from a person who struggled hard like anything. He also wished that the footage gets out in public so that the thief gets caught.

At the same time, Kenny has faint hope to keep the small business going on after such a huge blow to the finances as well as his spirit and said that he was extremely hurt to figure out the next move or whether he wanted to rebuild the shop. As he has minimal insurance, Blanchard also started the Go Fund Me webpage for earning some money lost due to this theft.