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Farmer watches on Mobile as thief steals security cameras: ‘Not a very smart Burglar’

Farmer watches on Mobile as thief steals security cameras: ‘Not a very smart Burglar’

When we think about farm security there is automatically a large area to cover. It is humanly impossible to keep tabs on the activities of thieves and vandals who wish to do harm. In the best case scenario patrolling the farms at night is done to ward off suspected perpetrators.

But to what extent? It is always wise to install technical watchful eyes on every corner of the farm property. Farmers can now invest in budgeted farming surveillance equipment's to nap culprits who try to steal their hard earned products.

Soliom is one such innovative video surveillance system that works on the power of solar energy. Now farmers do not have to worry about battery changes and cams going dud in the dark. These cams are easy to install and track 24x7 movement over large areas.

Completely functional under any weather and require very less care. Unlimited data storing options for playback during emergency and you can see, hear and speak with anyone via the mobile app of this mind-blowing technological feat.

Why do farmer’s need this new solar powered Soliom Cams?

1. Cover large areas

Farms are divided into different terrains and sections with large areas uncovered by security. Installing cams in specific areas across the farms will enable the farmer to track the employees working on the lands, monitor the domestic animals on the property, keep a check on the weather and tabs on the expensive farming machinery in use.

2. Alertness

The level of alertness is heightened in the case of Soliom cams, it is fitted with a mechanism that can detect the threat and immediately inform the owner via the app installed on the mobile phone, iPad or computer. This in turn ensures safe functioning within the farm premises.

In case of accidents, local disaster or natural disaster the farmer can produce evidence in the form of video tapes to the police and investigating authorities for insurance recovery.

3. Early detection

More often than not thieves and burglars feel they are smart enough to hack or remove the security cameras before committing the crime. But with Soliom surveillance cams this is not the case as the perpetrator faces are already recorded and sent as proof to the farmer via the installed app.

The cams can also easily switch from night to day mode and vice versa, hence it ensures complete protection even during a dark day. With the help of social media it is now comfortable to release actual video footage of criminals to coordinate a massive hunt in case if a criminal offense is committed.

Solar camera’s are inexpensive and do not require large amount of cable network to function. Farmers are now able to remotely observe their produce and livestock with live footage in their comfort of homes.

Burglars can be clever, but not smart in front of this masterpiece technology, which functions like a constant HD vision guard with PIR and radar sensor motion detection. Now even in your absence your farm is sheltered from crimes with these pioneering invisible eyes.

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