SOLIOM Giveaway gets you a home camera freely with features you won’t find on the $200 Nest Cam

SOLIOM Giveaway gets you a home camera freely with features you won’t find on the $200 Nest Cam

From ornaments to clothing, electronics to collectibles –during festive seasons or stock clearance or just as a friendly gesture to the valuable customers, a giveaway is something none likes to miss. Who wouldn’t want to get something free of cost, especially when it is related to well-being? Easter has just made its round and spring is here.

In order to keep the positive vibe present, Soliom brings you the solar surveillance camera for your home security and that too at free of cost. While you would go for the beauty and wellness products giveaways at any point of time, keeping your household and neighborhood safe from burglars or trespassers is also a matter of concern.

There are numerous cameras present in the market, say for example, the Nest Cam Outdoor that is available at USD 200. But, you don’t need to invest so much in it when you are getting the Soliom Bird S-60 which generally comes at USD 149 but now at free of cost for Soliom giveaway. So what makes it a forerunner from the Nest cam of USD 200? Have a look at the S-60 features –

Solar Powered

The S-60 Security Cam is the pioneering gadget in surveillance system to use green energy i.e. solar energy to power its Lithium 4000 mAh battery. With its in-built solar panels, the camera takes the challenge from Nest. No matter whether it is sunny or overcast, the solar panels are always powered and offer energy-efficiency for your home security.  

Wireless Installation

In this advanced electronics age, when almost every gadget is going wireless, the Nest security camera needs to magnetically (dual sided) mounted with 10 feet cable and weather resistant 15 feet cable which is to be secured with cable clips and anchors. The Soliom Bird, is totally wireless and comes with screwdriver, screws and reset pins to install the camera on brackets.    

160-degree Wide Angle

For your surveillance camera you need wide area coverage i.e. not only limited to the front or back door but also the expansive front or backyard. Having 160 degree panoramic field of view, the Soliom S60 will capture continuous and highly detailed 1080P video with 15 fps shutter speed so that no trivial moment is missed out. Coming to the pricey Nest came, although you will get 1080P video with neighborhood sharing option, this will be of no use if the main action takes place outside its 130 degree field of view range.   

Enhanced Environment Compatibility

While the Nest Outdoor Home Camera operates at -20 to +40 degree Centigrade temperature range, the Soliom Bird S60 works seamlessly from -20 to +60 degree Centigrade and 20-85% humidity range. Besides, the Soliom S60 has special plastic body with IP66 waterproofing which is higher than IP65 rating of Nest Cam. Hence, rain, thunderstorm, snow or hailstorm –the S60 will always be better.   

Judging by these main characteristics of the S60 compared to the Nest Cam, it can be said beyond doubt that the Soliom camera will be more pocket-friendly, more effective and more user-friendly. Besides, when you are getting it freely, why pay USD 200 for another camera?

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