Soliom S60 Security Outdoor Cam vs Ring Security Cam Specs, Camera, Price

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With the advancement of technology, burglary and theft have taken a new dimension and to make sure that your house or property is safe while you are away, you need video surveillance. With numerous brands currently present in the market showing the surveillance cameras for outdoor, there needs to be thorough checking of the specifications of the cameras you shortlist so that you can find only the best for your home according to your budget. Ring and Soliom are both listed among the most reliable brands in terms of home security.

While Ring has three types of security cams namely Stick Up, Spotlight and Floodlight with battery, wired and solar power variants, Soliom has the S60 Solar outdoor cam that can face the challenge. Let’s compare their specifications and find out the best for you –

Both Are Solar Powered but Price Varies

Both the Ring security spotlight camera and the Soliom Bird S60 camera are powered by solar energy but the price of Ring is $229 while that of Soliom is $149. While Soliom Bird comes with in-built solar panels attached on the camera, in Ring Spotlight cam, the solar panel is detached and needs to be installed by a professional with complimentary toolkit.

Compatible Weather Conditions

Soliom S60 Security Outdoor Cam vs Ring Security Cam Specs, Camera, Price

While Soliom home camera is IP66 certified for waterproofing, thereby can brave, hailstorm, thunder, snow and showers, the Ring camera has standard weather resistance only. The S60 can operate seamlessly from -20 to +60 degree Centigrade temperature and in non-condensing 20% to 85% humidity, Ring can operate only within temperature range of -28 to +48 degree Centigrade.

Motion Detection and Night Vision

When you are looking for the best security cameras, the Soliom Bird’s Radar and PIR sensors (110 degree angle) with Starlight Infrared Night Vision would definitely be points to consider. The Nigh vision is automatically enabled when it is dark and the super fast 0.7 second interval among continuous shots will make sure no motion gets unnoticed within 15 meter night vision range. While discarding any false alarm, the S60 sends the owner instant alert on mobile devices along with a small video footage that is saved to the SD Card and cloud storage.

Coming to Ring surveillance camera, it has adjustable motion schedule and motion sensitivity. The 110 decibel remote activated alarm buzzes when a motion is detected, something that can be quite absurd when a genuine guest is there at your door. Its spotlights are also motion activated in Infrared night mode     

Installation of the Camera

For Soliom Security camera you don’t need any electrical knowledge or help of any electrician as the package comes with mounting bracket, reset pin, expansion and machine screws, screwdrivers, silica gel cover and USB cable for self-installation. However, for Ring security cam, you need the help of a professional either over phone or in person.  

Video Quality with Field Of View

Both the Soliom and Ring wireless camera offer 1080P HD video in daytime and night. However, the Soliom S60 has an advantage from Ring with its H.264 video format and 15 fps trigger speed that leaves no minute motion undetected. Besides, the S60 has wide 160 degree field of view while Ring Spotlight camera has 140 degree field of view, thereby capturing less area than Soliom.

Judging by the key specs and price range, it can be said beyond doubt that Soliom will be an affordable and better choice for home security.