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Home security camera captures a man after collapses in street

Home security camera captures a man after collapses in street


Home security camera captures a man after collapses in street

Injured people on road caught on surveillance camera is nothing new or unusual but what happened on Thursday in Jackson’s Biddle Street is something really unusual and insensitive too. A neighbor who had apparently saw the whole footage on his security camera has come up with his statement where he said to find a man staggering in the middle of the street and collapsing due to blood loss.

As per the camera owner, Anthony Donoho, it was not the injured man on the camera footage that shook him but the fact that a person decided to move on although he/she could have helped him. The first person driving a car did not care to stop beside the injured man who was bleeding and hunching on the road in pain. The security camera shows that the helpless man was lying for around five minutes after that first car drove past him without stopping.

Donoho had seen the entire incident on his camera footage and says that he was too dumbstruck at first to make out what really was happening. In the footage, a light tinted SUV with glasses down was seen to stop beside the man for a few moments. The man seething in pain was still sitting and as it seems, there might have been some short conversation between the man and the driver. However, the video surveillance shows that after briefly a minute, the person drove past him and did not stop. Donoho said that he became mortified to see someone actually pulling up to that injured gentleman and that whole part was so amazing to him that he was shocked.

After the car passed, the home camera shows that the man struggled to walk with his injured feet and he tried to move further along the road although he stumbled soon after and fell down. Donoho says that the man then waited for some time before getting up again but fell again and this went on for three times until he lied down finally. The whole situation seemed quite weird to Donoho as he was not sure what really was happening.

After five minutes, the wireless camera showed a truck that pulled over beside the laying man and the ‘Good Samaritan’ who was in the car, called for help. By this time, Donoho was aware about the incident and he took another neighbor to the scene. He found the place quite chaotic but was relieved that someone was there in need of an emergency.

The witness Natisha Johnson was there to call the medics and police. Donoho says that he wishes to find out the ‘Good Samaritan’ to convey thanks because everyone wishes to have someone who is there to back up every time an emergency comes. For his it was wonderful that Natisha actually stopped beside the injured person and helped him without knowing him.

The man caught on one of the best security cameras was admitted to the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital and was treated for the injuries which were self-inflicted. There has not been any statement about his current condition. However, neighbors are saying that although the injuries were inflicted by the man himself and there is no law in Michigan where someone has to stop beside an injured person in such instances, these should not have mattered to those persons who did not stop beside the man who was not able to stand. In such cases if someone decides not to stop, there can be possibility of civil lawsuit.   


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