The best security surveillance camera to guard your small business

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The growing demand towards the installation of security surveillance camera system is nothing to be surprised about. Be it for residential or commercial business needs, security cameras are no longer considered luxury rather they are now a necessity. Especially a business enterprise of any size, surveillance systems are imperative.

Protecting your business premises, assets, employee vigilance & safety are essential for any entrepreneur. A comprehensive surveillance system can deter all or any shoplifting incidents, keep employees alert & on their best behavior, keep customers in check, and lastly but most importantly and provide evidence to policing authorities in cases of thefts.

There are several manufacturing a plethora of options in the security camera. The growth in their demand has also seen growth in technology. Every day there are new features being made available with brands working tirelessly in the race to provide the best options for consumers. On the other side of the story, having so many options can be both a good option and create a situation.

Below is a list of the best security surveillance cameras to guard your small business:

  1. Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera System

Arlo offers a wide range of configured features in a relatively small designed camera. It can be used as both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. Arlo Pro 2 can be operated with both rechargeable batteries or directly can be plugged through any electricity output. It is equipped with features like 1080p resolution, sound detection, motion detection, PIR sensors for wide angles, two-way audio, and includes 3-second look back feature. The sound and motion detection features are further enhanced with a siren which can be customized as per your needs up to a range of 100 decibels. Arlo Pro 2 supports USB drives as a storage option.

  1. RLC – 410 Security Camera

RLC 410 is available 5 MP and 4 MP Super HD version. enhanced night vision features in this camera through its 18pcs Infrared LED technology. It can now capture images up to 100 during nights at an 80-degree angle. The motion detection features send alerts to all your synced mobile devices when triggered while also uploading and saving over an FTP server. offers their own customized apps and software’s for more Windows and Macintosh platforms. The device also supports a micro SD card and is designed with the latest IP 66 weatherproof certified materials.

  1. Bird S60-Outdoor Wireless Solar Home Security Camera

Bird S60 is a solar-powered wireless surveillance camera with an inbuilt solar panel. It can also be used as a home surveillance camera. It is further enhanced with a 4000mAh lithium battery to ensure uninterrupted recording. The 1080p HD resolution camera provides clear images. The device is also configured with several latest features like PIR (Passive Infrared) and Radar-based motion sensors, IR Starlight Night Vision and two-way audio. It supports micro SD card and comes with free cloud storage. The design is built with IP 66 certified weatherproof resistant materials.

With the above information, we listed a few best cameras that may be the best option for you. When are you installing for your small business?