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Soliom Outdoor Security Camera Can Survive A Heat Wave and A Rainstorm

Soliom Outdoor Security Camera Can Survive A Heat Wave and A Rainstorm

When it comes to security cameras, quality is the single most important factor that affects our trust in them. No matter how cheap or feature-rich cameras are, it is important to focus on quality and the actual safety that they offer. One of the reputed brands like offerings is known to be quite impressive. Their products continue to make waves with a recent report revealing that their solar-powered security camera survived a and .

While there are factory tests conducted to ensure the brand’s outdoor security cameras can withstand all kinds of environmental stress. Getting reports of the cameras working in such harsh climatic conditions is quite impressive. The magic happens thanks to the IP66-certified standards, therefore it also ensures with each and every Solar Outdoor Security Camera.

What Else Does Soliom Have to Offer?

If you are thinking that Soliom products are only about durability, you are wrong. Here is everything else that a China base company’s camera is capable of:

Solar Energy: Durability and security are not all that has to offer to users. We all know how important it is our bit for the environment. Every single day we are constantly getting wake-up calls pointing to a steep rise in global warming. With the use of solar panels, Soliom ensures that you not only secure your home or also do your bit for the environment. It comes with a built-in solar panel and a 5000mAh battery to ensure you use as little electricity as possible at home while also getting every feature that the best security cameras have to offer.

Motion Sensing: One of the biggest issues with most security cameras is that they can be tricked or have physical drawbacks. But this is not true for outdoor wireless solar security cameras as it can detect any motion in a 360-degree radius and moves the lens directly at the subject. This is great for detecting intruders trying to find blind spots in cameras and take advantage of them.

Live Streaming: You can stream all of the footage to your smartphone, tablet or PC making it very convenient. Being able to see all of your live recordings on the go is one of the best things about the camera. You also get free cloud storage which makes things even more convenient for users. You can also plug in a MicroSD card to get all the storage that you need right within the camera itself.

These are just some of the many features that the security camera by has to offer. If you are interested in checking out Home security cameras and other smart appliances you should definitely go ahead with Soliom solar-powered security camera.

has been in the tech industry for years and they are slowly trying to help us grow towards a more sustainable future. Their solar-powered devices are extremely popular and help you to save on your electricity bills to a great extent.

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