Best Dual Dash Cams for Your Car in 2019

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Looking for  the best dash cam in 2019, The Soliom Dual Dash Cameras are a complete 1080P HD front and rear camera system with wide-angle lenses. Get peace of mind for all your car journeys. Here is car dash camera reviewed by a customer.

This is my first dual dash cam. Pretty nice and looks good in the car. Quality matte finish, and blends into the car well instead of looking like an ugly add on.

It's about the size of 2 C batteries, so not too intrusive on your windshield view, especially since you can hide most of it behind your rear view mirror and just have the back camera stick out.

There's a front and a back camera. You can record on both at the same time, or just one, as pictured in the demo video I attached. Please note, there is sound recorded with the videos (and a mute option). I replaced the sound in the car with music in the attached video using Filmora, so you don't have to listen to my voice :)

dual dash camera
car dash camera for uber

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When recording on both front and back videos, you get a "380 degree" view. 380 degrees instead of 360 because each camera records slightly more than a 180 degree view, so there's a bit of overlap. Much better than having a blind spot. Dual 1080p Recording Keep an eye both inside and out while you drive. 

Another reason you don't have a blind spot with is dual cam is that it's a 380/360 degree view from one location, so you're not missing anything between the front and the back of the car, as you would with other dual cams that mount one of the cams to the back of the car.

This is good not only if you have an accident, but also for monitoring while parked (the manufacturer recommends if you use this as a parking monitor, make sure you have power to the cam even when the car is off).

Image quality is pretty good, and you can adjust it a bit for your situation. I haven't had a chance to test the night vision, as I don't drive much at night.

You can also adjust for continuous recording, or to record when there's a large acceleration (impact, braking, or normal acceleration -- the times when you most need your video recorded).

Video uses a lot of data. The manual I got says use a 64GB chip max, which I purchased, but other reviews used a 128GB and said that works too.

When you buy a MicroSD card to record on (since they're not included), get one from Samsung as the manufacturer recommends, or another good manufacturer like SanDisk. Make sure you get an "endurance" card that can be rewritten many times. On the packaging of the Samsung card I bought, it says it can handle continuous recording for 3 years. Normal SD cards will wear out pretty quickly in a dash cam or security cam because each memory cell on the card is rated for much fewer rewrites, usually somewhere between 300 and 500 times.

The main thing that needs improvement with this dash cam is the instructions. The cam started out in Chinese, and my Chinese isn't that great. Fortunately, I had help switching the cam into English. If I had to do it myself, I would have had to rely on Google Translate's picture mode.

Another issue with the instructions is that it will tell you what settings are available for a particular selection, such as recording modes, witherour explaining the difference between settings. To get the camera to do what I wanted involved trial and error. The camera can do a lot, but you have to figure that out for yourself.

The manufacturer's web site is easy to find, and did have manuals and videos for some of their other products, but not the dual dash cam. Hopefully by the time you read this, that will be fixed.

Overall, I had no issues with this camera except for the learning curve, and would get it again.

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