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You Should Select a Solar Doorbell Button For Three Reasons

You Should Select a Solar Doorbell Button For Three Reasons

Is your doorbell out of date? Are you planning for an upgrade? Well, if you have a conventional doorbell that only alerts you about any visitor at your front door and that too only when you are inside, then you definitely need something modern and advantageous.

The doorbells from Soliom are equipped with in-built camera lenses so that whoever approaches your front door, regardless of whether it is a genuine visitor or some suspicious intruder trying to break in, you can check before opening the door.
You Should Select a Solar Doorbell Button For Three Reasons

The door chimes with video facility are first of their kind in the world as they are not only wireless but also solar powered. So, if you still have doubt on whether these doorbells are worth the cost, here are three reasons why you should go for them –

Ease of Communication And Notification

The video doorbell comes with a mobile-friendly app that lets you have live access to the camera of the doorbell so that anyone at your doorstep can actually talk to you through the built-in microphone and speaker and vice versa. Be it a friend coming over or a courier partner or someone seriously looking for you, you will have access to them from inside the house.

You Should Select a Solar Doorbell Button For Three Reasons

Besides, even if you are outdoors, the motion detector notification will be sent to you on your mobile device if someone is at the door no matter whether it is daytime or night.

The 15 feet infrared night vision range with 110-degree PIR angle, you will also have anti-theft notification when someone suspicious is there outside or when someone tries to smash the doorbell. As it runs on Wi-Fi, unless the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the video will be captured continuously.  

Solar Powered And Weather Resistant

In the dawn of non-conventional energy sources, you would definitely like to go with the best video doorbell that runs on non-pollutant energy source and hence, is eco-friendly. The Soliom doorbells are solar powered and self-sustainable with the in-built solar panel that charges up even during cloudy days. Besides, the lithium 5000 mAh battery get charged automatically and consumes low power enough to run a year in standby mode.

You Should Select a Solar Doorbell Button For Three Reasons

Be it snow or torrential rain, the IP65 property is an excellent waterproofing property. The doorbells can brave 20 to 80% humidity and -20 to 80 degree Centigrade temperature. So, your home is in safe hands regardless of the weather conditions.   

Seamless Security with Excellent Video Footage

The wireless doorbell comes with full glass 6 pieces lenses with wide 165 degree angle so that the footage is not confined to a small place but a large area around the door. The motion detector takes continuous snapshots with 15fps rate and initiates mobile notification with detection of movement.

The infrared LEDs even lets you capture detailed 1080P videos and also take snapshot of the visitor on your mobile app. Up to 64 GB micro SD Card is compatible with the doorbells and you can save maximum 20 video files for free on the Soliom cloud storage.

Above and beyond, if you think you need professional electricians to install them on wall, don’t be worried at all! With each packed doorbell, there is an installation tool kit and two backboards – one for installation of screws and another with adhesive sticker for easy installation. So, gear up and get ready for the solar doorbell button!

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