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Fake ICE Agent Caught on a Home Security Camera, Family Got Saved From This Terror Attack

Fake ICE Agent Caught on a Home Security Camera, Family Got Saved From This Terror Attack

Security is a rising concern in the present hour, there is a sheer need of being all ears and alert about every single activity that goes on in the neighborhood and stay alert. But practically, is this all possible amid such busy lives we have? So does it mean that one should compromise on security? No. The best solution for all your security needs is staying safe with Soliom’s best home security cameras. These cameras are your ‘one-man army’ that guards your house and your loved ones effortlessly.

A few days ago a shaking incident took place where a man (a fake ICE agent) approached the house and kept ringing the doorbell, also yelled at the family that they should let him in. The hint of such an activity can run down the chill through one’s spine. He flashed the fake logo of the ICE at the installed security camera and claimed confidently that he should be entertained. While the family could notice from his disposition in the camera that he is fake and they rather called the police on time.

Incidents like these must be so unfortunate and terrifying for all the families who have been through it. Well, installing an outdoor home security camera is a good option because it is wireless and not tiresome to use.

Let’s have a quick look at all the safety features that it comes loaded with to render you a stress-free life:

  1. Solar Powered Camera

This security camera utilizes the solar energy optimally; it has solar panels and is also powered by 4000mAh Li-ion Battery. This capacity is great to run all day without a pause.

  1. Supreme picture quality

Unlike other solar cameras available in the market this brand ensures a better picture quality. Thus, it makes videos in Full HD 1080p resolution, therefore rendering brighter and clearer images.

  1. Alert you about movements

You can make use of the live view to see what motions are happening and around your place. It is built with PIR and Radar Motion sensors that indicate and call an alert about the movements in real-time.

  1. Great quality audio (2 way)

This wireless home security camera can be a great choice because this enables you to have a dialogue with the person in question. You could talk to them easily and know about who they are. This feature surely adds extra security.

  1. Weather-friendly

When you buy these cameras you do not have to worry about its installation whereabouts. You can install them on a tree, in your outhouse or your front door. It works great irrespective of its location because it is strong enough to battle all weather conditions. If it is too hot, too cold, rainy, snowy, nothing that makes it feel lesser.

  1. The night vision camera

You can instill all your faith into this product by Soliom for it works great at night time also. It is capable to make videos till 49 feet of the premises where it has been installed. It has IR starlight vision features ad it switches to night mode automatically.

This home security camera can be your next option to explore if you wish to make the rest of your life the best by staying safe, secure and full of respite thus avoiding all chances of being approached by unwanted and suspicious visitors.


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