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Street Race Crash Investigated Right, Thanks to the Car Dash Cam

Street Race Crash Investigated Right, Thanks to the Car Dash Cam

Have you ever wondered what a boon could be a dash Usually, these car dash cameras are installed in cars to capture the front and rear view of the cars that are commercial vehicles like taxi, trucks, and buses. However, these days their use has been increased and they are promptly occupying places in family cars as well. It is time to break the conventions and if you are going on a long road trip, then this camera can have a great substance for you. In fact, recently a streetcar crash was caught on a Soliom car dash cam in Surrey.

The video was sent to the authorities about the two racing cars that collided badly. This instance is so on the other hand, has been captured well by the dash cam of the car behind them thus clarifying all the details of the mischance satisfactorily.

Here we highlight the features of to know how it works and how it would have helped to capture that crash video:

An ultra-wide camera

360° camera that gives a wider view than you can imagine as it is capable of capturing the view which is supported by new seamless joint technology. This camera is all set to be popularly known as one of the best dash cam 2019 because of its incredible exposure limit.

Captures all details

It is packed with powerful dual Sunplus 6350 A processors and is also backed up by Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors with L lens fixed apertures that simultaneously captures the 190° view of the front and inside cameras (inside the cabin) with a picture quality of 1920* 1080 P.

Not only just it makes beautiful video recordings if you are on a gorgeous safety is also maintained with a clearer view of the front and back. You could also have a glance on your kids at the back if needed, without having to turn completely and check what’s happening at the back. It also comes with built-in microphones, which can also be put o off a single click.

Absolutely safe during extremely hot conditions

The cameras are upgraded with larger cooling to enable down at a much faster rate than other cameras. This is one of the best dash cam whose temperature bearing slab varies between -20°C  to 70°C, of the weather condition, this camera will not square off, on the quality of the recording.

Excellent Parking Monitor

The potential of this camera is super wide monitoring even when the engine is not working. So if your car is there in the parking and by chance, if someone hits the side of the car, then dual 190° will come to rescue.

After having captured the details of the car crash that happened a few days back in Surrey this product wins all hearts as it enabled the investigation process to ease further. Thanks to a best dash cam for car by Soliom that you could ever wish to have. So, be extra careful with your loved ones while away all the anxieties at all times because this camera assures a safer journey to your destination and beyond.

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