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Trending News: Woman captured on Security camera setting Neighbor’s house on fire

Trending News: Woman captured on Security camera setting Neighbor’s house on fire

Every passing day homeowners and business entrepreneurs are being seen investing in a security surveillance camera system. A security camera system is an effective method of keeping a watchful eye over your family members, home, businesses, and assets. One cannot be present his own self to keep a vigil eye on the aspects of life they consider important, which has led to a distinct growth in demand for security surveillance camera systems. The rise in demand has also led manufacturers to go on further developing and improving the technology of security cameras.

Outdoor security cameras are available at varying price ranges depending on one’s needs, are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, they are easy to maintain, require no external storage devices, wired and wireless surveillance cameras are also available in the markets. Apart from the plethora of configured latest features, they can be synced with your portable mobile devices which allow you to keep a vigil lookout in real-time wherever you are. According to statistics, the presence of a security camera always deters any perpetrators for targeting your home or business due to the fear of being caught in an act of crime.

Latest surveillance cameras are configured to send you alerts when someone arrives near your premises which help you to monitor the activities of the peoples and also helps you keep an eye on your children while you are at work.

The importance of a security surveillance camera system can be judged through the latest trending incident that occurred in Del City in Oklahoma, USA. In June 2019, a 60-year-old woman named Annie Durham was arrested by officials for setting her neighbor’s house on fire. Ms. Durham lit a cloth rag on fire and launched it over her home fence into the uninhabited house of her next-door neighbor. The cloth rag ended up setting the entire house to a very situation for every individual in the neighborhood.

The emergency firefighters and police authorities arrived in time and their hard work led to a safe and to the fire situation. After negotiating the situation, the officials began their investigation of the situation to look for a probable cause which caused the incident. The officials observed the presence of a security camera in the house of none other than the perpetrator Ms. Durham. They requested to view the video record in the security camera which eventually Ms. Durham ultimately agreed to.

The video eventually led the officials to the knowledge that it was none other than Mr. was the arsonist has further learned that there was a long-time conflict going on between the two neighbors. The video evidence recorded the security camera led to the arrest of Ms. Durham on the charges of arson. Several brands are introducing advanced home security cameras with the latest features such as night vision, thermal vision, sound detection, motion detection, high resolutions, weatherproof, and so on.

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