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Wireless Solar Security Camera System Can Firewall Your Home and Family from Intrusion

Planning a holiday, guests are visiting or a weekend getaway, at all times one has to make sure that you have got all the stock in place. You start preparing many days before about the things to buy for the upcoming event. But, amid this meticulous program, one forgets about one big fortune you are going to leave behind. So pause and think, have you circumscribed your abode with the best of security measures? While you are away who will guard your place? Even if you are home, are your family and friends safe in the environment they are?

Considering the present times in which news channels are frequently reporting unfortunate incidents of robbery, it becomes indispensable to rely on a good home security camera to create a safe and sound atmosphere around you and your loved ones. Soliom has a perfect solvent for your needs here and comes with its extraordinary solar security camera which strongly acts as a thrust for a secured home.

Let us have a look at the gripping properties of this security camera:


It is a device with advanced technology and runs naturally without using any electronic connectors. This is a great quality of this wireless solar security camera system. There are solar panels assembled inside which charge the 4000mAh Li battery enough to keep working for a few days together if there is no sun.

There this solar-powered camera ensures that you know who is at your door even on the days when there is no sun, while it is rainy or snowy.

In-built motion sensors

As soon as somebody arrives at your door, maybe a guest who rings your bell or an unwanted suspicious visitor who doesn’t ring the bell, rest assured that your phone will notify you about someone’s presence outside your doorway.

So, if there are any intruders trying to fiddle and tamper with your premises all you can do is call the cops well in time. The PIR and RMS of this security camera for home are richly distinct to capture a Full HD 1080P quality image of the interloper.

Two-way audio

This great feature of this camera adds extra protection to your homes as you can interact with the person at the door. Even if you have to go away to the supermarket leaving your teenage kids at home, do not worry because you can ask them to not only see in the camera but also the first talk to the person at the door for doubly confirming who they are? Also if they are suspicious people they know they are on record and wouldn’t even dare to trespass.

The guard who doesn’t doze off

This security camera for front door strives to be up all day and night as it is enabled with IR starlight night vision and catch vision up to 49 feet around the premises even in the dark. So, you can sleep with a respite that you are being fortified as there is a strong firewall taking care of your location’s front, backyard, garden, etc.

Incorporating all the incumbent remedies wisely is the next step to take by investing in Soliom wireless security camera. It is a cool option to keep a watch on suspicious activities knowing that your homes are fastened, progressive and armored enough that no intruders can even attempt to shun their limits.

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