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Man peek-a-boo into Home Windows, Taking Pictures caught on a Door Security Camera

Man peek-a-boo into Home Windows, Taking Pictures caught on a Door Security Camera

A spine chilling incident took place recently the northwest side where a man tried to get into a house. Apparently, this man was approaching all the houses in the, who didn’t park their car outside. So, he knew he was targeting households either with lesser members in the house or no one at all. The lady of the house and her daughter were inside when the daughter heard some noises and saw noticed that a man was peeking inside the house. When she went to report about this to her mother, in the meanwhile the guy had fled.

Thankfully Stillwagon’s house was equipped with the smart doorbell camera that captured that man’s video while he tried to encroach into their premises. The same day, this man also tried to get into other houses and even robbed one. However, those households who didn’t have a camera installed in their premises weren’t able to make out clearly how and who did it.

 This incident at Stillwagon’s is enough of warning that your loved ones’ security shouldn’t be compromised. If not much, then an advanced doorbell having a good quality camera shall be installed to ensure complete home security.

Soliom solar doorbells are trending and to top it all, they are the world’s first solar power enabled doorbells. It is essential to look into its features that can help you avoid such tragic incidents like this one:

Wireless Doorbell 

Since this doorbell has a camera with it, why make it so conspicuous? Yes, this technology has no hassle of wiring and it can be just screwed into the wall with its mount or can be stuck with the use of a heavy and strong adhesive. Usually one sees a lot of connectors and wires coming with such electronic this is a wireless video doorbell giving your doorway a neat and tidy look.

Exchange a dialogue

Distracted by sales executives all the time? So when you feel there are too many unwanted visitors at your there is no need to get up and open the door to everybody. Why risk your security?

So, with this doorbell, you can exchange dialogue with and tell them that you would not want to buy the product or attend that survey. So, sitting right the security and comfort of your bedroom you could see and talk with that stranger at the door.

 Great night vision

With 165° wide angle of the lens, this camera is advanced with night vision optical is a must in the present hour. What if you are approached by a suspicious visitor past midnight?

It could rather be a friend in need too, but it is always better to be sure about the visitor and then move ahead to open your door. So this door security camera works diligently through the night too and helps you differentiate the suspicious activities easily.

The recent video we have referred to is rather scary so it is conceivable that what Stillwagon family and that other man whose window was smashed would have been through. Ensuring that you and your doors are well-equipped at all times, it’s the next right step to take to live stress-free days and nights.

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