AI-Powered Security Cameras: Are we ready for the future?

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The advent of computer science has completely transformed our lives. The progressive innovation brought forth by computer science has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. The latest technology that has got everyone talking and excited about is Artificial Intelligence, which is a specialized branch of computer science.

In recent times, artificial intelligence or commonly known as AI has captured the imagination of movie makers, communication industry, automobile industry, space technology, security & surveillance industry and the list just goes on. Leaders in smart phone manufacturers like Apple and Google have already incorporated AI technology in their products. Apple iPhone X’s facial recognition and Top Shot feature in Google Pixels smart phones are nothing but AI technology. Automatic cars are driven by AI technology.

But what exactly and how it can change the technology in home security cameras? Artificial Intelligence as part of computer science indulges a computer with the ability to think, adapt, educate itself and undertake tasks just like any human being would do them. The AI cameras are programmed to go beyond just their assigned instead designed to be adaptive enough to learn patterns with the feature known as computational photography at its Computational photography aids the AI-driven device in simple terms to imitate a human being using features like voice recognition, voice to text translation, face recognition, among others. Deep Machine learning is another latest innovative feature that is revolutionizing several -based industries. It simply aides the camera to differentiate between humans of different ages, pets, new faces, known persons and so on.

The surveillance camera industry is definitely going to benefit from this latest technology. The field has already seen the inclusion of with both indoor and outdoor solar security cameras available in the market. The industry of security and surveillance camera systems has also seen the injunction of AI technology.

Below a few points let us see what AI-driven security cameras can do:

  1. The difference in detecting People and Animals

This feature eradicates the issues of false alarms. The AI-driven surveillance camera systems can effectively differentiate between people, animals, and movement in nature. The outdoor solar security features effectively detect properly and send alerts when there actually is a security issue.

  1. Enhanced Facial Recognition

The facial recognition feature is recent times. The AI-driven facial recognition is now capable of differentiating between family members, familiar people, and unknown people by configuring settings. 

  1. Behavior detection

AI-driven security camera systems are programmed to differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior by studying and analyzing its recorded data.

  1. Movement tracking

AI surveillance cameras can even track the movement of objects which is great news for business enterprises as they can effectively reduce shoplifting incidents.

  1. Voice Recognition

The AI-driven security cameras can effectively differentiate between the voice of humans, animals and nature sounds.

  1. Gun Detection

Gun detection is another feature that AI-based security cameras are slowly being configured with. Manufacturers are gradually incorporating in their products.

AI-driven home wireless security cameras are the future of the industry with several important brands striving to incorporate AI in their cameras.