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Methods: Cleaning Outdoor Security Camera lens in 5 Easy Steps

Methods: Cleaning Outdoor Security Camera lens in 5 Easy Steps

The demand for security surveillance camera systems has seen exponential growth in recent times. The rise in demand is directly inspired by the need to provide safety and security one’s family, home, business, and assets. The inflation in demand has seen a major upsurge in the progress and development of the technology of surveillance systems.

Manufacturing brands have introduced a wide range of cameras at varying price ranges for consumers. The advancements in technology have seen the world being introduced to features such as night vision, thermal vision, sound detection, motion detection, high resolution, weatherproof materials, wireless systems, real-time live view, synchronization with mobile devices and the list just goes on.

The best outdoor wireless security camera system in modern times affordable, they come in various shapes and sizes and are very easy to install and maintain. The reputed manufacturers like have made installation, activation, synchronization, and maintenance very easy for consumers. It is important to know about the methods of cleaning and maintain your security cameras.

Below are the five easy steps to clean your outdoor home security system lens. Lets’ find out: 

Step 1 – Unplug and unhook your outdoor security camera

The first step is very important. To avoid any mishandling incidents, you should unplug and unhook the camera from the location it has been stationed. After removing the camera, place it on a piece of cloth on a table to proceed further with the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Use of a Camera Rubber Air Blower Pump

Unhook the camera from its mount on the wall and place it on a cloth on a table. Now use a rubber air blower pump and blow air on the lens of the camera to clean any dust which may have settled on the lens. A rubber air blower pump is easily available for purchase either on online stores or any camera store.

Step 3 – Clean surface of the lens with a microfiber cloth

After blowing the dust off the surface of the lens, it’s time to clean it gently. The glass surface of the lens of the camera needs to wipe softly with a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth is a soft and smooth piece of cloth which is often used to clean glass-based surfaces to avoid any scratches on the tender lens surface. Most optical devices come along with microfiber cloths and are easily available in any optical store. It is very important to use a microfiber cloth since they are the most efficient accessory for this purpose

Step 4 – Lens Cleaner

After cleaning the glass surface of the camera lens tenderly and carefully with a microfiber cloth, it is time to clean it further using a good quality lens cleaning liquid. A lens cleaner can be easily bought online stores or local stores dealing in optical products or a camera-related store. The lens cleaning liquid should be sprayed on the lens of the camera and then cleaned softly with a microfiber cloth. One can even spray the lens cleaner on the microfiber cloth to clean it. In case the lens cleaning liquid is not available, you can even blow air from your mouth on the lens to clean it.

Step 5 – Clean the exterior surface

Use a tissue paper or a soft rag cloth to clean any dust off the exterior surface of the camera.

With the above are the five easy steps mentioned above to clean your outdoor surveillance camera lens. With these steps, the life of your security camera will get and the video quality will improve much like a newer one.

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